Be willing to become Rabid about life

and you will soon discover that the ones that bring smiles to this world are the ones that instantly help change the energy and trajectory.

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- Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins





Cosmic Karate T!

Get your grey belt!

alien 3.png

The dark suit men & pal T

Nothing to see here or is there ? hmmmm.

alien cool.png

Space is the place to be cool

You won't look astral plain in this awesome T Shirt

ufo rush hour.png

Move it already!

The daily commute across the universe can be such a grind

cosmic hipster .png

A Cosmic hipster loves food, music, clothes and Interstellar Travel

What? you don't think duck fat french fries kick ass in space? to the knowing cosmic hipster they are the top

alien tat.png

Inked Grey

The influence of a few years of study on Earth 

alien selfie.png

Alien Selfie

And of course where will they post the photo?


alien fitness.png

Grey Aerobics

I am a sexy grey and I know it



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