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Who is The Rabid Monk® ?

Brian Collins aka The Rabid Monk® is a healer from Boston, Massachusetts trained in a synergistic blend of ancient spiritual and etheric energetic methods from Hawai'i and China. A former 1980’s long haired heavy metal wild child, Brian was given the name "The Rabid Monk" by his clientele.

He owned a multi award winning business ( where he had a very successful practice aiding clients from all over the world for 25 years in Boston’s Back Bay). He is now is a online spiritual consultant/sarcastic spiritual sage with a semi private practice.

His vast knowledge of spiritual energy combined with his inner city "Southie" wise ass Irish nature is truly an impactful energy to encounter and experience. Brian has aided Housewives, Corporate CEO's, Financial leaders, Movie stars, Rock Stars, Publishers, Lawyers, Doctors, PhD's, Scientists, Iron Workers, Business Owners, Martial Arts Masters, Chinese Medicine Professors, Psychologists, Award winning Chefs, Real Estate developers and many more.

Born in the Old Harbor Housing Projects in South Boston, Massachusetts and raised during some of the most violent times in South Boston's history & seasoned by the 1970‘s/1980‘s Irish crime lord ridden streets, from his youth Brian sought out the answer to the question :“Why do people hate each other?” He rebelled against all forms of racism and oppression and as a result of this fateful decision to do so, Brian’s spiritual quest to have his life questions answered quickly began.

Energetic Healing for Bodies and Businesses

Brian’s travels for esoteric answers brought him to train in very powerful spiritual centers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taipei , Mexico, Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy and the Sacred Valley's of Hawai'i. As a result of his absolute dedication to this inner journey, he unlocked amazing healing energies within himself which he then used to successfully change the course of history for countless clients.

Opening his 1st practice in Boston’s Chinatown in the early 1990’s, Brian then followed the flow of life by then opening his Back Bay office(s) on trendy Newbury street. He quickly became widely known for providing jaw dropping results for his clients  (as well enlightening people through his street wise, in your face, no nonsense approach to mind and body healing).

In his practice Brian addressed not only the energy of the human body but helped to shift the energy of businesses as well and was frequently hired by radio stations, law firms, award winning chefs, Mid West money managers and many more to aid in straightening out etheric stagnations and repetitive issues that lead to recurring imbalances that effected the bottom line.

Martial arts and Meditation Instructor

Brian also is a Master of the Filipino Martial Art of Arnis.

For his tireless dedication to bettering and advancing the art in Boston since 1996, he was awarded the title of Guro, the highest ranking in the DeJesus Arnis system of Martial Arts. He also holds a Black Belt in the Filipino martial art of Modern Arnis awarded to him personally by the late Founder Grandmaster Remy A. Presas.

Brian also has been featured in Boston Magazine numerous times for his vast knowledge of meditation and etheric energy and was a contributing writer to The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Website/ Mike Michalowicz Blog where he discussed varied ways on how to use ones spiritual energy to better the workplace. He has also served as a Advisory Board Member for the International Association of Meditation Instructors  ( I.A.M.I )

Rabid Monk Cartoons as an energy shifting device?

In addition to having his healing/spiritual consultation practice Brian loves to create smiles and laughter through his skill at cartooning and through his chi filled enlightened clothing designs to induce inner smiles.  His unique cartoon stylings have been featured on the comedy website and also in the City Shopper and Walking magazines in Boston.


Brian is currently designing online spiritual teaching programs based on his secret methods and practices (program currently in development) and refers to this synergistic practice as “The E.F.V Method”.

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"If you like your zen teachings with a little bit of sarcasm and street,

Brian Collins is the man!"

 -Comedian/Actor/SNL star Colin Quinn


“I am particularly fond of his South Boston working-class sense of humor”

The world is redeemed by masters like Brian who, out of compassion for sentient beings, share freely of the wisdom that they have attained.  My life has been immeasurably enriched by our encounter. 

— D.T Ph.D Brookline, Ma.


He is the best

Brian Collins is a man who has changed my life. He has taken the confusion out of today's diluted, drive-through spirituality and has helped me forge an authentic path of love and acceptance for myself and others.

— N.M Boston, Ma..


"Collins’ brand of spirituality and meditation—one worlds away from sitting cross-legged on a yoga cushion—is a welcome break for those tired of New Age-y jargon"

—Boston Magazine

“Brian helped my husband and I conceive our 1st child

and while he was in a different state, he aided my 3 year old daughter in the emergency room for an asthma attack. Whether he is physically present or not, he has the ability to know and heal.

— A.H Boston, Massachusetts. 

"I am so grateful for all you have done for me"  

— Martial Arts Master/Actor/Movie Star Jeff Speakman  Las Vegas, NV.


“Enter the Rabid Monk....”

"Brian Collins Is the Real Deal. The Life Changer. He's a genuine healer, a wise teacher, and a good friend. I should also mention he is one of the most unique and funniest individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing !" 

— Whitesnake Bassist Michael Devin, Los Angeles, California.


"Thank you for balancing the force sir."  

— Comedian/Actor Patton Oswalt

"I was referred to Brian about 15 years ago by my, then therapist who felt he might be able to help me. At the time I was suffering from near debilitating depression. 

I had tried, what I thought was everything, drugs, therapy even ECT. Nothing had worked". Then I met Brian. I believe that it was Brian who really pulled me out of  the black hole I had been inhabiting for over a year. I am an accountant, I deal in hard facts.  I can't explain what happened  to me after seeing him. Just being in his presence was a transformative experience, I have never met anyone like him. He was a loving , funny , caring person who helped me to see the values of living.  I am extraordinary fortunately to have had  Brian in my life.  He is a treasure" .

F. C. CT


“Brian has walked the walk more than anyone I've ever met”

There is no way I could write a letter that could do justice to all the things Brian has done for me, my family and the world.

— B.H Boston, Massachusetts.


“Profane sense of humor that combines the best parts of an Irish standup comedian and Zen master”

For years it has felt like only those of us lucky enough to have encountered him know that one of the wisest men in America is a wise-ass sage from Southie. 

— Patrick Kiker Washington D.C.


Nothing like what you would expect”,  Brian is a true spirituality and enlightenment ninja" 

— Dr. Jeff Karp, Principal Faculty at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Associate Professor at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.



Social MEDIA

Q: As Rabid Monk "likers" what do you get from this page (Facebook)? What is your experience?

Do you get spiritual lessons? Comedic fun? Enlightenment?


Kelly Brady: You crack me the fuck up

Melissa Curran: All of the above. Thank you for your wonderfully warped and beautiful mind.

Shannon Laliberte Bowman: I get it all 

Beth Simmons: All of the above, actually.

Nilda Martin: Love the music posts + drawings. You are a modern version of a spiritual “New Yorker” cartoon.

Jennifer Racioppi: All of the above

Nina Kennedy:  A little bit of everything, because if we learn to laugh especially with ourselves are we then not a little more enlightened

Elizabeth Mc Allister-McConeghy: A little bit of all of them. Which makes all of them better

Jeanell Jordan: A bit of each. Main thing is it usually makes me think about things....

Michael Devin: I like the cahhhtoons, khed... they're wicked f'n funny!

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