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It all started when...

a young kid from the violent housing projects of 1970's South Boston questioned the racist energies that surrounded his life and began a mission to shift the often negative world around him. That once young kid was Brian Collins (aka The Rabid Monk). Brian has spent the past 40 years of his life studying, traveling and teaching metaphysical/martial practices and was a highly sought out hands on "healer" for 23 years at his offices in Boston's Back Bay.

From the isolated villages of China studying the secrets of Chi with Masters, to the Deep Valleys of Hawai'i studying cosmic metaphysics and the mind with Kahunas,  Brian's abilities far surpassed any expectations of his former teachers and in the mid 1990's he quickly gained a reputation for being somewhat of a metaphysical wunderkind for his ability to manifest change on the physical and spiritual planes. His in your face, no nonsense, streetwise, tell it as it spiritual method often shatters the mold of how a "Guru" is supposed to act and his clients frequently comment on how his unique combination of humor, metaphysical abilities and kindness has truly helped to reshape their lives. 

Brian's understanding of energy has gone beyond the stereotypical "new age" sense into an all encompassing extension of the idea ( and real world practice) of quantum entanglement itself. What the hell does that mean? Well it roughly means ones actions can effect all in creation and Brian now uses all forms of media to help shift reality that he experiences, as he is truly living the life mission he began as a child. Be it the cartoons he draws, the t shirts he creates with his art, his blog posts, his online consultation service for clients and businesses, random strangers he may help , places he travels to, all of his actions are an extension of his enlightened energy and his unending dedication to creating positive ripple effects on Earth.

Brian's client range From Scientists to PhD's, Lawyers to Financial Services Leaders, from Rock Stars to Movie stars, from the stay at home Mom to world renown Chefs....the one thing they all had in common?  The Rabid Monk has helped them all.






If you like your zen teachings with a little bit of sarcasm and street, Brian Collins is the man!

— Comedian/Actor Colin Quinn NYC



I am particularly fond of his South Boston working-class sense of humor

The world is redeemed by masters like Brian who, out of compassion for sentient beings, share freely of the wisdom that they have attained.  My life has been immeasurably enriched by our encounter. 

— D.T Ph.D Brookline, Ma..


“He is the best”

Brian Collins is a man who has changed my life. He has taken the confusion out of today's diluted, drive-through spirituality and has helped me forge an authentic path of love and acceptance for myself and others.

— N.M Boston, Ma..


Collins’ brand of spirituality and meditation—one worlds away from sitting cross-legged on a yoga cushion—is a welcome break for those tired of New Age-y jargon.

—Boston Magazine


I am so grateful for all you have done for me.  

— Martial Arts Master/Actor Jeff Speakman  Las Vegas, NV.


“Enter the Rabid Monk.... .”

"Brian Collins Is the Real Deal. The Life Changer. He's a genuine healer, a wise teacher, and a good friend. I should also mention he is one of the most unique and funniest individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing !" 

— Whitesnake Bassist Michael Devin, Los Angeles, California.


Brian has walked the walk more than anyone I've ever met.”

There is no way I could write a letter that could do justice to all the things Brian has done for me, my family and the world.

— B.H Boston, Massachusetts.


Profane sense of humor that combines the best parts of an Irish standup comedian and Zen master.”

For years it has felt like only those of us lucky enough to have encountered him know that one of the wisest men in America is a wise-ass sage from Southie. 

— Patrick.Kiker Washington D.C.


“Nothing like what you would expect”.. Brian is a true spirituality and enlightenment ninja. 

— Dr. Jeff Karp, Principal Faculty at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Associate Professor at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.




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Brian is also an Advisory Board Member of the International Association of Meditation Instructors  ( I.A.M.I )



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