Known as "The Rabid Monk", Brian Collins was born in the Old Harbor Housing Projects in South Boston , Massachusetts.

Raised during some of the most violent times in South Boston's history. Brian was seasoned by the 1970‘s/1980‘s violence of the local Irish crime lord ridden streets as well as the stereotypes attached to him by being from South Boston. At a very early age, he rebelled against all forms of racism and hatred and asked a profound question to the universe "Why?" As a result of that fateful event, his spiritual quest to have that and other life questions began. His travels for the esoteric answers brought him to Mainland  China, Hong Kong, Taipei , Europe and the Sacred Valley's of Hawai'i.

As a result of his absolute dedication to this inner journey, he unlocked healing energies within himself that then changed the course of history for countless clients at his practice for 23 years in Boston's Back Bay. Brian was widely known for providing amazing results (as well as his street wise no nonsense approach to energetic and spiritual healing). One person recently described him best as a spiritual combination of Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla .His knowledge of spiritual energy and 21st century spirituality combined with his "Southie" wise ass Irish nature is truly a impactful energy to encounter and experience.

Brian's client base ranged from the who's who of Boston like a Nationally known award winning Chef whom he helped redesign the entire energy of her restaurants and created the names for 3 of her establishments ( to create proper Pono " balance" for them)  to Phd Dr's, Scientists, Lawyers, Financial Leaders, to the single Mom looking for balance and hope in her life.

In addition to his massive spiritual knowledge, Brian is also a Master of Hand to Hand Combat ( Filipino Martial Arts) and was given the highest rank ever awarded by his former teacher for his skills and dedication to bettering the Filipino Martial Arts. You can read an article Brian wrote on the usage of the Flow and the subconscious mind in Filipino Martial Arts training here.

Brian was also a contributing writer to The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Website and Mike Michalowicz Blog where he discussed ways on how to use ones spiritual energy to better the workplace . In addition to creating online spiritual learning programs and designing clothing, he also serves as a cartoonist for the comedy website

He recently expanded his healing energy abilities into his FUMT clothing line that he created. He calls his design style “Subconscious cave paintings” and prefers to keep his art lines direct and attentive to the mind of everyones inner child so that the comedic visuals and spiritual lessons immediately register and educate the subconscious mind. Brian will be available for seminars and periodic spiritual consultations in mid 2017, Please send a request if you desire to book him for a seminar or have a media inquiry.

In addition to his busy workload, Brian has been working endless for years on a certain "secret" large scale project..stay tuned, you just may have the chance to learn a lot more about him.




I am particularly fond of his South Boston working-class sense of humor

The world is redeemed by masters like Brian who, out of compassion for sentient beings, share freely of the wisdom that they have attained.  My life has been immeasurably enriched by our encounter. 

— D.T Ph.D Brookline, Ma..

“He is the best”

Brian Collins is a man who has changed my life. He has taken the confusion out of today's diluted, drive-through spirituality and has helped me forge an authentic path of love and acceptance for myself and others.

— N.M Boston, Ma..

If you like your zen teachings with a little bit of sarcasm and street, Brian Collins is the man!

— Comedian/Actor Colin Quinn NYC


An all around hilarious guy.

—Boston Magazine


I am so grateful for all you have done for me.  

— Martial Arts Master/Actor Jeff Speakman  Las Vegas, NV.


Enter the Rabid Monk.... .”

"Brian Collins Is the Real Deal. The Life Changer. He's a genuine healer, a wise teacher, and a good friend. I should also mention he is one of the most unique and funniest individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing !" 

— Whitesnake Bassist Michael Devin, Los Angeles, California.

Brian has walked the walk more than anyone I've ever met.”

There is no way I could write a letter that could do justice to all the things Brian has done for me, my family and the world.

— B.H Boston, Massachusetts.


Profane sense of humor that combines the best parts of an Irish standup comedian and Zen master.”

For years it has felt like only those of us lucky enough to have encountered him know that one of the wisest men in America is a wise-ass sage from Southie. 

— Patrick.Kiker Washington D.C.

Nothing like what you would expect

Brian, is a true spirituality and enlightenment ninja. 


Dr. Jeff Karp, Principal Faculty at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Associate Professor at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.



Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"