Someone recently asked me:

I thought you were a spiritual teacher, Why the hell are you doing T Shirt designs?

I replied, "Because I like enjoy making people laugh and through my artistic comedy,

I can do so, my designs are a humble extension of my special healing vibe"


Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"


Creator/Artist/Spiritual Teacher/Balding Boston Irishman

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Be willing to become Rabid about changing your life

and you will soon discover that the ones that bring paradigm shifts to this world are the ones that study mind/heart energy and through the powerful global ripple effects of love and dedication they alter the trajectory of our consciousness and world.

I create my T Shirt designs when inspiration washes over and through my big Irish head. No big catalog, I only feature one graphic at a time on my website and add new ones when my subconscious kicks me in the tush to do so. Why? Because I consider each graphic a specific frequency and when it has done its “job”, I replace it with a new one based upon the current stagnation of collective thought.

Who am I?

Don't be lazy, click around on my site and read about me.....

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- Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins

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Alien and friends

Peek a boo, you see nothing.



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