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The Rabid Monk online spiritual learning programs and books:


The Tao of Southie:

A 21st century in your face look at life and its never ending daily lessons through the eyes of Boston's streetwise sage. This frank and direct look at spiritual pursuits will show you that many esoteric lessons are actually hidden in daily life, deep secrets just waiting to be unlocked and utilized.


The Rabid Monk's E.F.V. Course :

You will soon learn the very techniques Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk" used for 23 years in his practice in Boston's Back Bay to manifest miracles for his countless clients.

You will learn:

•3 forms of internal energy production

•How to utilize the internal power of the mind to create external change in your world

•How to meditate and help shift the world you see on the nightly news

*4 Direction energies of the earth and how to utilize them

* 5 sense energy: how to heighten your awareness and how to use it to create peace in your life

* Your personal zone of energy: your energy bubble

and much more.

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