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Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk" is a former healer with a highly successful 23 years practice in Boston's Back Bay. 

Semi Retired, Brian is a part time metaphysical teacher, business consultant, funnyman & cartoonist. Originally from the smog-kissed violent drug filled groves of South Boston's Mary Ellen McCormick Housing project, Brian brings a whole new twist to enlightenment through his humor approached methods and in your face consciousness expansion methods .

Brian is also a practicing ( 40 years) martial artist who was personally awarded the title of Guro ( Instructor) directly by Modern Arnis Founder Grandmaster Remy A. Presas in the mid 1990's while aiding "The Professor" at one of his intensive summer training camps ( this one was in Tucker, Georgia). For his 20 years of service and dedication, he was also awarded the highest recorded rank of advanced instructor aka #1  (1st in lineage line) in the art of DeJesus Arnis directly from from Ken DeJesus, the founder of the Philippine Martial Arts Society in West Palm Beach Florida in the mid 2000's.

Brian also had the fortune to perform the Yang Tai Chi Chuan form for the Yang family while studying varied methods of Chi Gong and Chinese Medicine in Mainland China in 1996 and is also a former teacher (and current practitioner) of ancient Hawaiian metaphysics/spirituality.


If you like your zen teachings with a little bit of sarcasm and street, Brian Collins is the man!

— Comedian/Actor Colin Quinn NYC



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