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 FUMT Clothing Line

Discover the unique Rabid Monk creative vibe, with his fresh and spiritually forward FUMT clothing ( and other cool stuff) line!  Raise the vibration of your chi!

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 Online Learning

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Study spiritual secrets and the very methods Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk" used in his successful spiritual practice in Boston for 22 years



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Laughter, knowledge and portable 3rd eye stimulation! The Rabid Monk book line expand the minds as well as inverting the lips ( causes smiles).



"Collins' brand of spirituality and meditation- one worlds away from sitting crossed legged on a yoga cushion- is a welcome break for those tired of New Age-y jargon"
-Boston Magazine.
“Brian's secret weapon is truly his wicked, earthy, and sometimes even profane sense of humor that combines the best parts of an Irish standup comedian and Zen master”
-P.K. Washington D.C.

If you like your zen teachings with a little bit of sarcasm and street, Brian Collins is the man!

—Comedian/Actor/SNL Star Colin Quinn- NYC






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Brian is an Advisory Board Member of International Association of Meditation Instructors  ( I.A.M.I )



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