Years ( or as they say in Massachusetts-Yeahz) tick by

A young martial arts Master with hair in 1992

Well, hello clock, how are you?


Oh, that round wall circle of rememory!

Funny how fast time ticks by when you are in a specific groove, when you are in the pocket of teaching enlightenment to countless people ( some truly thankful, most are not). 

I found this clip on a portable hard drive the other day and said " Wow! I had hair!" I do remember that day quite well, it was in Connecticut and one of the 1st big seminars that I ever instructed to a large group of martial artists ( both young and old).

26 years ago? sheeeeeeeesh.

Since that time, I have traveled all over the world studying and teaching with a variety of teachers in a vast array of spiritual, energetic and martial modalities, I have lived many lives, owned multi-award winning businesses and aided countless people all over the world by providing massive metaphysical changes for them.

Seeing this young version of me brought back so many memories of that buck and his zest for serving a greater good and aiding the world. Well, that young buck did indeed aid the world countless times and this older, balder version of me looks back at a life of service and dedication, the life that still continues to create change for people (some who are still not thankful, oh well ) and I have to laugh......

Ha ha , ho ho, he he.......


Why do anything else? you can't lead a horse to drink, so just laugh at its thirsty ass as you continue to quench your thirst.


Brian Collins- The Rabid Monk