A gentle reminder of the possibilities for the world

For those who read this blog....

you may remember that last summer I wrote that my wife and I were in England for our 25th Anniversary and that we found a very special little place where we purchased some cool items that had a great energetic feel to them. Well, guess what? I lost mine a bit back after returning home. Yup, something that represented our 25th, something that to me that was a symbol of our unending love constantly moving forward against the far too often rough seas of life. I remember sitting on the boat cruising the Thames back up to London and crying after purchasing them (big baby), as the past couple of years has been very hard on my wife and I and I guess seeing a solid representation of 25 years together just hit me.

I also remember the moment when I lost it and said to myself " Yup, why not, right?" and lemme tell ya that was a shitty day.

I freaked for a bit, as this item quickly became a physical symbol of care, of love, of togetherness ( my wife and I purchased matching items). Like anyone, I then began to run all the associated memories of loss, all the times that life fucked me over, all the people that fucked me over, all the lies I had been told, all the times I have been used...all the old shit bubbled up and hit the emotional fan.

So during mid freakazoid freak out.....I sat at my desk chair ( no one ever sits in my office chair as I do very special techniques there) to pull it all back in. I did and then looked over at a cork board I have on my wall above my fancy pants drawing tablet. Peeking out underneath was a bunch of cards from places that we ate at while in London. I took them all down and went through them and guess what? There was a simple, plain card from the person who we bought the items from.

He didn't have a website or store ( he works out of stall in a market in Greenwich England a few days a week), so I had no idea how to track him down.  I did a search all over and found him on Facebook of all places. I then contacted him, his name is Pablo and told him of the story, he remembered us (as while we were there we explained that it was our 25th and he spent extra time making sure the items fit perfectly for us). I explained what happened and he basically said he would send a replacement once he makes it. He didnt ask me for money upfront, he was simply going to create a replacement and ship something off to America sight unseen to some guy he met for 10 minutes a couple of months earlier.

Huh? A nice person in this world? A person that doesn’t want anything from me?

So I made a measurement, sent him the info and waited. The item came a bit later and he also enclosed a small gift for my wife....which if anyone knows me, knows that if you care for my wife at all, you have blessings beyond belief coming to you ...https://www.therabidmonk.com/the-rabid-monk/. When the item came, I put it on and it didnt fit ( not his fault at all, mine as my measuring stunk). But it fit on another finger. I looked at this item and looked at the true aspect that came back to me. The essence of our 25 years: love.

What is the item? A ring, a solid silver thick band ring ( 25th anniversary is silver)...

Funny, simple a silver ring but so much more to my heart energy for me ( actually he uses something special, Argentium 935 a cool form of pure silver). Some people say that silver helps you "bend energies and bring the owner in tune to the universe".....hmmm. For me, the ring is a reminder of pure unending love and devotion and that power truly bends the cosmos.

I want to now send you to Pablos facebook page...if you feel guided contact him and have him make you something do so....he has a wonderful soul and is a kind young guy who could use some global exposure. One note: I make nothing off any potential sales and made sure that I paid him for my replacement ring....I want to simply return the love the he showed to some old fart Americans on their anniversary by spreading the word about a very nice guy in London.

His jewelry has some good energy, I wouldn't bullshit anyone and never have....check him out.


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk