Patton Oswalt

Obi Wanna Have Fun?

I saw the great Patton Oswalt perform last night and during his set he did the “ stop and chat” with an audience member (me).

He asked me about my life , what I did, etc….during his bit with me, he said “ Wow! you are one mellow dude that just goes with the flow huh?” After his bit was over he then leaned in and said to me “Thank you sir for restoring balance to the force”.

Now THAT was funny!

If you know ( even a bit) about me , you will know that I dont take all this metaphysical shit lightly and probably care too much at times ( as a corny as fuck as that sounds) . Prior to leaving for the show, I said to my wife “Patton is going to call on me tonight ( I explained I saw it it my daily meditation …you know part of all that “Jedi shit” I do). So when he did call on me, I was indeed mellow because I already saw the exchange coming.

Patton is awesome.


For all that read this, know the world is often a raging fuckfest full of turmoil ridden sludge vampire monsters that will try to suck you life chi from your brain bags….if you let them.

You HAVE to take the time to mellow yourself out as internal turmoil is indeed the energy that the vampires of life feed on……so be like me and “ restore balance to the force” like Patton acknowledged last night.

After the show, my wife and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody (the Queen story).

I loved Queen as a kid ( Still do) and during the movie the old man (me) had a laugh at the young me blasting Queen on 10 on my stereo growing up the projects in Southie …my favorite Queen song is below. I laugh now as I have warned many years ago that our world was headed down a bad path and what was needed to change course….

VERY interesting as I became what the song states…..AND YUP, NO ONE listened to me.

So I will just try my best to continue to balance out the force on my own Patton.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk