A blade of grass through cement


What is will be again and again and again....until…..

So here we are once again, the world now humming a bit louder and the old war machine seems to be getting hungry…How many times have we replayed this fucking nightmare?

Politicians spew some nonsense about changing things over the airwaves but then nothing, only self serving behavior vs being a part of the totality of human evolution. Power is more addicting than any street drug and we have addicts running our country, addicts that have lost touch with reality. This is absolute madness, this is insanity and we all have to accept responsibility for these events playing out again and again.

However if you just point a finger at the latest "asshole" then you miss the crossroad of an etheric energy replay, you have voided yourself of your ability to shift the reality that you experience and thus made the asshole stronger in the process.

As you read that statement, dont get all fucking eye roll(y) and say " Oh boy here we go with some new age shit"....

NO! this isnt new age shit, it is wake up time,

it is science shit time,

it is reality time….it is TIME!

As a result of my global travels and training, I know a few things in life to be absolutely true in life:

 1- I love my wife of 26 years more than life itself

2- A wild realm of endless possibility exists beyond our stupid limited dumb ass understandings.

How do I know the 2nd point? because I tapped into that shit for 25 years professionally, I know that reality isn't what people think it is!

Be it spooky science, quantum entanglement or tree hugging understandings, it all comes down to the same thing: we are all one.

People have to wake the fuck up to see that we are all linked. 

When (if) you commit to making a change then commit to that change, don't deviate from your actions. Many want the world to change as long as they can stay/act the same but still want things to shift? 

Huh? WTF ?, Things change if an individual makes an effort to change as well!

Article on the good ol' Rabid Monk in 1998 (ish)

Article on the good ol' Rabid Monk in 1998 (ish)

Now the "Miracle Man" will explain some deep shit and show you how the fuck this crap works

I spent 25 years creating daily miracles for people in my former office in Boston.

Daily miracles that just became the "go to" for people and to be honest, pissed me off because people took them for granted as it became just the ol' norm to come in , get a miracle and go home. "Oh yeah, Just call Brian, he will fix all for you in a single session".

I would often tell people "Do you know how much focus and energy it takes into creating this energetic change for you?" many wouldn't care as they were of a very high financial status and felt they "deserved" the best ( me). Night after night, I worked until 330am ( and later) shifting vibrations to make the next days clients acquire peace.

They would promise me the world, get the change they wanted from me and move on till they needed me again.

Until one day, I said " no more" and after a very long bit of introspection decided to move on and move my energies towards new paths. I needed to go further than just be " the miracle man" for a group of people who did not want to spread my message or help with spreading out this vibe of peace that I created for so many ( they wanted it all for themselves). 

I saw my mission being one to help a bigger vibe vs a small office on Boston’s Newbury Street and tried hard to get “out there”.

I needed to discover more about my roll in it all.

When I stopped my nightly till 3:30am work guess what? 

Well, I saw the world shift and quickly go to hell because I no longer was up aiding the planet 24/7…waking up on the floor vomiting, aching in pain, sucking up all of the worlds negativity in the middle of night while people happily drooled on a pillow and farted in bed at night. 

I saw immediately the reflection of the world external from the world internal I ceased.I then realized the importance of individuals responsibility based upon a persons own unique life talents and their own abilities.


Yes, I do have wild metaphysical skillsets, but that is my life, my world. Others have skill sets or lives that are not like mine but can indeed work in synergy with me...as I work with them and others.

They may be financially sound to aid the progression or the world through support of my work, they may be well known and connected to other deal makers that may help me with my mission, they can spread my vibe through social media, print media…anyone can help somehow.

I told people 3+ years ago during meetings in Hollywood& Boston that all this bullshit in DC was coming but no one listened to me…..it could have been different if they did.

This is how old energies will stop replaying.....when people see that continuing old personal patterns plays the same vibe, the same song until humans lift the needle by working together based on individual skill sets .

 So how can you help me spread my vibe? Helping me helps to change the course of the world, believe me or not, it is the truth.


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk