Cut the cord to fear

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Fear as a energy tool to control and feed off of


I frequently go out for walks with my wife in our local neighborhoods.

Some of these walks are on bike paths that are 20+ miles long, some are strolls through winding forests and wetlands. We have many names for the walks ( Vagina- that one is a long story, Wing Walk, Bug Alley, etc)  one we frequent we call "Coffee walk" ( as there is a coffee place at the end of the path to reward ourselves- pretty simple). 

The Coffee walk- walk crosses over to another town that has a large immigrant population, I am not sure which South American countries the residents come from but the people we often pass on the walk are all very sweet and loving with amazing family units that exude joy.

During the past 556 days ( or so ) we have noticed a change in all the families we pass.

We used to stop and play with babies in strollers and the little ones on bikes used to ride over to us and tell us stories of their days. Now it seems that the families do not even make eye contact with us and are in trapped in fear, palpable fear.

Mothers pull their children closer as we walk by, Fathers have a look of worry, hate and distain and the energy has shifted from smiles and love  to fear all white people. As a person who has fought against racism his entire life, I get very saddened by this.

To see a group of people being controlled by immigration fear is horrible, to see the look a terror at times in the eyes of mother when a 6'4 220lb  shaved head man (Me) gets closer to her family brings tears to my eyes.

I have taken to wearing jade bracelets, coconut bracelets, "hippy" necklaces, all types of things that hopefully sends out a vibe that I shave my head for inner spiritual reasons and lesson the  visual association to the assholes that hate people based on ethnicity.  

The absolutely fucking foolish thing about the recent immigration issue? 

Ask Native Americans how they feel about foreign people coming to the lands. Recently I was able to recently spend some time on a reservation and sacred sights ( for spiritual reasons and for a bit of mind clearing R & R ). During this time I heard stories of the past and how the lands were taken (stolen), only there wasn't hate or fear pouring out of the story tellers, there was a sense of balance, of hope, faith and trust that all is a circle and all returns back to cosmic balance in time.

I hope on the walks wife that my wife and I now go on that my love for my sisters and brothers from South America can be felt through the present level of fear they hold in their hearts, I hope that my knowledge of the 4 direction circle shown above can be felt in their hearts as we pass by.

 Life is always in motion.


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk