What storm is raging within you?


So as I write this blog, Hurricane Dorian is traveling up the East Coast of Florida after hitting the Bahamas very hard.

While watching the storm on the news, I saw the huge “eye ” the very calm in the center of a force of destruction and saw the comparison to a person blindly going through life, not seeing the damage that they inflict all around them. The “calm state” of a person so wrapped up in their own pattern energy that they do not see how much damage that they do.

It made me think, how many people are unaware of the force that they carry within?

the unresolved energies that cause external ( and internal destruction). The eye of ones own storm is the oblivious nature that many people have about their own actions and ripple effects and that head in the sand regarding the internal self is as damaging as a category 5.

So take a moment after you read this blog and ask yourself this spiritual quantum entanglement influenced question :

“What unresolved energies are within myself? and how are those energies effecting the world around me?”

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®