Is it time to update your brain OS?

Wow, time must have frequent flyer miles!

I just thought, “When did I post a blog last?”

I have been working editing and filming my EFV KEYS programs as well as attending to my nighttime metaphysical peace making practices and well, time ticked by quickly. You this , this whole spiritual mumbo jumbo stuff can consume you if you are fully commuted to the practice. I like you, can get into a vibe state and well, when my vibe is focused, lets just say that it is a very pinpointed energy that can effect lot’s o’ stuff.

So, with all that aside, let us now get all deep and shit, okay?

The current state of affairs in the world is unlike any other time in history, sure, there has been shit going on throughout time, but currently with the combination of technology. media, drug usage, information and misinformation, well you can see how the world is in a state of flux.

In the blink of an eye, the energy that is information now travels across the world and can be absorbed by the mind and body , causing fury or elation in an instant. This transfer of data to the human consciousness creates metaphysical ripples that ( if you believe the whole quantum entanglement thing) affect every single person on the planet as each moment passes.

So if someone in D.C acts like an asshole, then it does indeed effect even the most hidden jungle tribe consciousness in the Amazon…pretty fucked up if you think about it. I was having a conversation with my lovely wife this morning about the levels of human connectivity to the idea of “reality” itself and how reality is subject to perception of an individual’s inner “program” to what is real.

I am not saying that reality isn’t real, I am saying that ones persons reality isn’t like another as they are processing it through their own brain box computers and thus have spiritual operating systems that (ah hem) may be out of date and need updates (badly).

Think of it, if you were running an OS that hasn’t been updated in years, WTF would that computer run like? What the hell would it compatible with in todays standards? I remember computers with 56k dial up modems…( yup I am old as dirt), how would they function with todays fiber optic speeds?

Well that is how a large percentage of our planet is functioning……some brains have downloaded the new OS and chugging away with the new features and some, well, errrrr, ahhhh, some are slow and full of old bloatware that slows down the whole server……. ( quantum reference again).

So, which OS are you running?

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®