Two old Southie Guys & Two Fitness Divas

Let me tell you a story about good energy:


Recently my wife and I went to P-Town ( Cape Cod) for my birthday for a few days of beach sitting, sand walking and hand holding. Were stayed at an amazing little inn. Now for those who do not know P-Town, it is known widely as a gay spot ( gasp!).

I have seen over the years as bullshit issues finally shifted and people were given the rights to marry the ones they loved, and change over in the amount of straight people heading down to visit & with the recent influx of sharks ( shahhhks for those in Massachusetts) you have many who travel to “fin grin” down the Cape ( I CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THAT AND JUST STARTED THAT SAYING RIGHT NOW) like they leaf peep in the fall.

This can change over a place quickly, but P- Town still remains what it always has been, free, fun and a place where you can be you.

Now the place we stayed was the Inn at Cook street a simply amazing small business owned by an absolutely wonderful couple, John and Patrick. After chatting we found out that John actually went to the school as child that we once had a rehab loft condo in South Boston and he performed in plays on the school stage that was once our living room! Needless to say I “Southie” bonded with him ( He is Irish as well) and felt like I met an old family member….( well one that I would actually want to speak to).

We then found out that Patrick was once a Boston fitness person ( just like my wife) since the” old days” and that they know many of the same people. In fact he managed the facility around the corner from our 1st studio on Newbury Street…..= small world. Needless to say, we all hit it off and shared many laughs and stories…….

So with all the craziness in the world going on…….the cosmos decided to make 4 people remember fun energy and laugh together for a couple of days and I think reminded us all to ALWAYS be free, fun and you.

If you are planning to visit P-Town you would be silly not to stay at this location…..great vibes, great guys, great place…..

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk