Life is fulla twists n turns

So how many tickets for this ride again?

A few years back there was much local buzz about a movie about my life story being made.

I had a PR firm, visits from Hollywood producers to Southie ( South Boston Massachusetts) for location research, had tons of writers, lots of possibility and hope for a shift for the energy of our planet. I told all involved how important it was to have the story told and how it could help shift a potential future downturn ( four years ago I said this) in the soul of our country. During this time I also ran into many confusing instances as a I had think back to the very formation of my life, how I came to be, what I have done and all that I am inside.

It is wild when you are asked to turn yourself into the character of a ‘Master”and your life into a series of scenes and emotional curves. Well….Flash forward to where we are now, no movie was ever made and the possibility of that global energy shift? well, that went the other direction ( look around at the cluster fuck we are all in now as a result) as I tried my best to inform all involved on how important it was to share my story…but you can lead a horse to water but can't …blah blah blah…right?

While the whole process was underway, I had the chance to befriend a few Hollywood peeps, Comedian/Movie Star Colin Quinn, TV Actress Drea De Matteo, Whitesnake Bassist Michael Devin, Action star/Martial Arts Master Jeff Speakman, Hollywood producer Rick Beiber…..all unexpected and despite my vibe for creating change, I had to remain true to myself by not “taking over karma” for these new people in my life and empty my own energy as a result.

You see , I always try to help anyone that comes into my life with my knowledge base, I try to give of myself and better those who have decide to be a friend and my dedication to creating peace has been one of “legend” and sometimes wipes the ol’ monk out as a result of taking on too much/giving too much out.

So I had to just let all be vs take on all the new karma……..with the exception of Michael. Michael desired to become a student (and a trusted friend) and we quickly became brothers in it all. Anyway, the movie was never made for countless reasons and ( the second time this has happened to me with Hollywood) and I did the best I could, but people never seem to listen…..

I took it a bit hard when a new friend was ill and I wanted to help but he seemed to be isolated and I couldn’t do so. I don’t allow many people into a very small circle as my energy is precious and I have to keep a protective wall up as I have been hurt by many “Masters” that have used me as a battery in their lives. But when I care, I actually care about someone and trust me when I do, mountains can move. But I learned another lesson from that incident and have gone back into what I call ‘The old Newbury Street me”, the man who is semi reclusive in nature and attends to whatever spiritual mumbo jumbo needs shifting in the world based upon the bigger picture that passes with each moment.

The world needs me to be able to be me.

I know that I am not the “standard” spiritual Master ( whatever that title means) but I am what I am and my life as crazy as it is has been has indeed awarded me my unique metaphysical gifts that I have used to change the lives of countless people since the early 1990’s.

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Yuppers, with my new upcoming program…I am still trying to HELP change the world

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk