Allow people to smell their own shit

I have the pleasure and fortune to watch energy unfold….

I know it sounds dickish, but I have learned over the many, many, many years of practice and study to get involved in the big picture when it is correct to and to step away and simply sit when it is correct to do as well.

Years ago, I took on WAY too much negative energy shit and pushed my soul to the brink night after night. My wife recently reminded me of all the subtle shifts for the globe I took on for years and the map that I had ( past tense ) on my home office wall. The map had small blue dots where I marked my work to shift the energy that was transpiring and needed shifting.

I did this after my work at my Back Bay office in Boston into the wee hours. The map was covered in hundreds of blue dots for all the global energies that I addressed ( and there was STILL shit going on in the world).

But imagine for 1 second that I DIDN’T do all that work?

Imagine what could have been?

All the other shit that could have unfolded as a result?

People cannot get a handle on that fact that this energy stuff is wild, you shift past energies that could unfold repetitive realities to make anew, the clean the slate, to wash the old dirt away…to make new worlds.

I was hired years ago by a well known Chef in Boston to help to major problems at their business. After aiding them and cleaning up all the issues for months, they said to me when it came time to pay me for the final session “ Why should I pay you?, there are no problems any longer” I said to them “There are now no problems because you hired me to make it that way for you”.

It always amazes me when people have issues, contact you for aid and you shift them, they then get the benefit of the work, but seem to forget that it is indeed work ( massive amounts of work at times) to shift and remove old repetitive energies. It is funny to see that people seem to think that being “spiritual” means it is okay to give your energy and services away for free while they prosper and benefit from all the behind the scene work.

It isn’t and do not do so….

If YOU choose to take something on because you are guided to, then that is YOUR freewill…..It was my freewill to take on the worlds negative energy many years ago, but I do not do it that way any longer. I take on 1-2 problems a year and spend my time on what I see as the root energies that need addressing.

Your own quest vs being asked to help someone else

If an outside party asks you for help, you HAVE TO have an exchange for your services. If you don’t, THEN ALL THE NEGATIVE ENERGY THAT SOMEONE ASKS YOU TO MOVE FOR THEM WILL THEN TRANSFER TO YOU. If that happens be aware and wake up or you will be hit with a shit stick.

Was that effective enough? Did you get that point? Did that tidbit sink in?

So learn from an old energy Master, sit when it is time to sit…..and watch people see how precious your energy is, how it does indeed influence and change their lives, how life itself is fluid and how the act of spiritual quantum entanglement is indeed real.

If you need to pull back because your see and feel the scales tip more towards the person you are helping and they forget all that you have given and done for them, then do so……if they wake up, they will wake up and realize how special you are, if not, then you will realize how special you are and cut the supply until you can have balance return in your life and they will in turn be stuck in the quagmire of their old shit, like a dinosaur in a tar pit until (if) they wake up.

Remember, a Yin Yang has 2 energies flowing together to create balance, not one simply feeding the other. Loving and respecting yourself is not a bad thing, it is part of the totality of a spiritual journey.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk