Your energy is your gasoline, your bank account


So, let's say you ‘wanna begin a spiritual journey….

This adventure will indeed award you many amazing lessons along with the destination you desire aka "enlightenment". You will discover the overused word "energy" many times along the way and it will have many different aspects as you advance from " white" belt to "black" belt ( just for a visual).

The energy at the beginning of the journey is something mystical and etheric ( and undervalued), while later in life, it is simple and precious.

As you unlock layers of the self, you will see that acquired energy ( spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, etc) is as valuable as any Gold, Diamonds, Stocks, etc. These treasures are stored in your cosmic "bank account" and should be treated with respect and honestly be valued.

If you chose to empty this bank account for people, they will gladly take it from you as most people are lacking these precious powers inside despite what the latest magazine article, meme, Instagram-facebook-twitter post would make you believe.

Look around and you can see the lack of spiritual power right now in the world.

When I speak of this spiritual power, I do so from a "spiritual feeling" sense, not a religious sense as they are very different things. To me, spiritual is knowing the individual self and one's place in the cosmos. I am simply saying spiritual is all about one's understanding of how they can create or destroy the internal cosmic connection through action or lack thereof.

Human emotions and inner old patterns can lay waste to one's true nature by having old emotional demands so strong that they override the neutral benefits of "new".

People get so blinded by themselves that they cannot see what is in front of them, they can't hear what is around them, they cant truly feel whatever they touch…this then feeds the very energies that they are trying to rid themselves of and continues a cycle of continued, clouded frustration.

The spiritual journey is one of release of old and embrace of new and that release involves opening up to the opportunity to advance when you see "real world" manifestations of spiritual power. Not to simply drain the source, not be drained but to add onto the power that you see by using your personal gasoline ( whatever that is) to advance the power that you seek by working with it vs taking from it to only benefit yourself.

That is something that people rarely get a chance to do in life and may only come around once in a lifetime…so if you get the chance, do it, cause it may not ever come back.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®