What is a "birth"day anyway?

Blow out the candles, it's your "Rebirth" day

Blow out the candles, it's your "Rebirth" day

So, I am an August birthday person: August: you know, the month where everyone says "Oh shit its August! summer is over".

As each year passes and I get deeper and deeper into all this God, Universe, Enlightenment stuff, I begin to see that each year and "birth" days should be "rebirth" days and those days should be celebrated as each day passes. Every day you would give yourself a cake in the form of responsibility and action and are awake and aware of your place in the world.

The old, "One more year gone" cliche or the "Ah, I'm gettin' old" BS is BS.

A person has to realize that life and spiritual practices are not a joke nor should the term "spiritual" always have some fucking cloud humping nonsense attached. Your heart and subconscious are the only ones that truly know who you are, what you have done and what you can do.

Surface layers of life cover over who we really are and just facades often are placed up to have work-related activities, family dynamics, excuse creators, roles that a person has to play…..all masks of the inner self. A "Rebirth" Day is the celebration and connection to these inner forces, the forces that help shape reality itself and help to alter the outer world.

To celebrate "one more year" is ( in my opinion) defeatist.

It kind of says "Wow, I didn't drop dead".

When we are kids, we have time, tons of time, tons of energy, tons of stupidity and an inner hard drive that is written on daily by our formation of the "who" we are. Our actions in our youth help to form the good and bad of us, the advancement or the retreat of our consciousness and lays down the very script of our lives.

As we age, we forget to the wonder and foolishness of youth and accept the script. We forget that our inner elements know that the script is just full of filler scenes to make things interesting. Now what those scenes are and how they flow not he big screen ( reality) is all up to the person who desires a linear or circular life.

A linear life is one of doing, a circular life is one of going round and round and round.

So a linear life is a "rebirth" life, a life of action and respect of the inner self, not a life of lying, laziness, and complacency. Those actions flavor the cake you eat daily and no icing on the planet can mask the taste of that shit. You owe it to yourself to understand that a rebirth day is not soo wow woo or dolphin hugging, it can be simple and the connective line to God, The Universe, Buddha, Moses, Allah….whatever you believe in.

The one kicker in the ol' dilly ding ding? Time.

One day, time will indeed run out for us all and when that day comes, you want to leave this dimension with a belly full of delicious rebirth cake, not a stomach full of bitter regret with a crapload of "I should have icing"

So, which candles do you want on your life cake?

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk