Perceived stillness and bears shitting in the woods

You know it seems for a couple of years now, the world has been stuck in a vibe of turmoil and lies.

I won’t get all Edgar Casey on the world but I saw this coming in meditation and told people about it wayyyyyyy before any of this BS was ever actualized.

But people didn’t listen to me. I know I have said this before but I always have to offer the world chances to wake up and reset.

Reality as we know it is fluid, it is water like and flowing. Stones in the stream of consciousness are manifestations of our own personal actions and emotional wants and desires. This internal energy then acts as a “writer” to the movie we all collectively star in and influences each “scene”. I saw massive BS coming years ago after lie energy was brought into my life by an outside party. I saw how damaging to the globe it was and how it was going to ripple outward and effect the entire world.

Part of my whacky life involves being me, being a person that has “punk rocked” life itself by always shaking the tree in regards to the “norm” and seeing what is truly under the carpet. Be it spiritual pursuits, martial arts, life, the earth, consciousness, friendships, etc….I always looked behind the looking glass to see who is making the glass itself.

What we see visually is only a small percentage of what “is” and a person can live an entire lifetime thinking that they have a clue on what life is based upon, what they perceive as “success”. Real success in life is understanding that a person is finite….well, not to dwell on mortality but to realize that connection to ones soul is the most important aspect of “success” in a lifetime. To rid the self of all the bullshit energy that one has made them believe about themselves is the key.

The ego is like that person ( way before GPS) that you asked for directions when lost and they begin the answer with “ “Ahhhh, I am not really sure” and then give you directions that may or may not be correct. The ego constantly tells you “You are always right!”. This is because it has accepted the fact that whatever the host says, is in fact, bond.

To believe in the self is not wrong in any way, what leads to an imbalance is when the ego overrides vision and action, internal and external become filtered and confused. This often leads to people living in a state of “lie” vs a state of “truth”. When you live in a lie you will forever be that lie energy, there is nothing you can do about that, it was the choice of the person to choose truth or deceit.

The problem with living in lies, is that the person who had adapted to do so, cannot even see the lies any longer. Being of sound mind, a person with morals knows what follows lies energy, theft. Theft of ideas, theft of knowledge, theft of energy, etc, etc. It is better to meet a person like this, see them, move on from them and allow the energy that they have accepted to be their energy.

There is an old Hawaiian idea of energy being beyond time and space…this concept says that no matter what timeframe you are in ( lets say you did some crappy while in your 20’s) that that energy will come back to you and your family later, many years later when you least expect it. It may effect your child, your spouse, your Mother or Father…etc

So it is always better to not lie and steal than to screw up generational energy and that is not my woo woo idea, that is something MUCH bigger than you or I.

Enlightenment food for thought.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk