My artwork stolen from me but love energy is better than hate

Untitled design.png

So you sit down and take time to create a character, a

depiction of your inner self.

And someone steals it from you…well about that?

I just found out that Chinese company stole some of my artwork and has been selling MY designs online my Trademarked designs. So, how about that for some nasty shit?

I wont even get into someone contacting me years ago on Facebook that loved my Rabid Monk cartoon character ( this person was from Los Angeles) and wanted to partner with me and said that they had connections in the cartoon industry.

My business partner at the time ( no longer a partner of mine) poo poo’d the idea due to legal ownership issues as a result and I then told this person I wasn’t interested. Then hmmmmmmmm, a now well known cartoon that strangely looks like my design seemed to popped up a bit later…not saying anything directly, but sure seems odd how similar the artwork is to mine.

Anyway, I just found out about the online shirt art fucking while I was doing more videos and slides for my upcoming online EFV KEYS instructional program. It is sad when you are the little guy, the one out here in the Internet ocean all alone like Tom Hanks and Wilson floating in the watery abyss.

I am not a corporation or a big production studio, I am healer with great comedic skills, art talent and cosmic knowledge just trying to help shift negative energy on Earth. I am alone in my quest to try to and help this world and at times wish people would recognize the massive power of helping me spread my business and special talents.

I don’t bullshit, never have and when I see the latest screwing, I look at it and say, “Okay, well maybe some negative Karma will also be attached to those STOLEN designs”.

So I again uploaded ( and updated them a bit) the designs have placed them back up for sale…you can purchase them here. I make almost nothing on the shirts now as a result, but if you believe in positive energy and not the energy of hate, theft and negativity you will get one………and kick the energy of theft, greed, hate, racism, sexism, addiction and cast systems in the balls.

drea t 2.png

Check out Soprano’s/Sons of Anarchy/Shades of Blue star Drea DeMatteo rocking the shit out of an OFFICIAL RABID MONK T Shirt a few years ago…..!!!

You go girl! : )

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®