Copy of Word fusion

So, just words on a page?

*Beautiful island, warm water, green valleys, sunrise/sunsets of heaven

*Cold city street, rain soaked and lonely, the homeless runaway glances

Words are power, words have power, words are packets of energy that are unlocked through human emotion and memory. Think of the above sentences like a nuclear reaction ready to burst where when heard or read the words create the emotional collision state and are then processed and converted to energy.

This emotional word energy is only a part of the whole that is the concept of quantum entanglement….your energy field is then broadcast outward towards the cosmos and this “ nuclear word reaction” and adds onto and effects the energies that surround us all.

So you can see how powerful words are, as words lead to reaction, which contributes to the energy of the reality we all experience. as it happens 24/7/365……..

So to grab a clue on the self and usage of words as power is a key in any persons spiritual quest.

I mean look at all spiritual practices, don’t they “use” words to connect to some other power?

Aren’t the words formed in specific energy groups to call in the idea of the energy they are trying to discover emotionally? Prayers, chants, etc…..all just packets of a specific type of word energy.

Packets that can shift consciousness, just like the words you just read.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®