Next Stop, Huh?vana so says The Rabid Monk®


So how about a full serving of enlightenment?

Sounds good doesn't it?

But for many the word enlightenment has been shit on. It has been corrupted, dragged through the mud and tainted by projections and emotional demands of humans. To be free of something but attached to the mental associations of “Nirvana” only places a seeker in a state of turmoil.

You cannot be free while demanding, you cannot let go while holding onto the idea of letting go.

Human consciousness is currently stuck in a what I like to call the “Platypus fuck up stage”, where a whole hodge lodge of shit is being crammed into one unit and is trying to work itself out to figure out it’s identity.

Is it a duck, it it a beaver? Webbed feet?

Do humans want peace or demand peace? Will humans survive themselves?

Who knows?

Maybe the secret to save human beings is to strive for Huh?vana vs Nirvana, with “Huh?vana” you can focus more on the doing to be done than the subconscious desired outcome of the doing. Everyone is so steadfast in their desire to obtain the surface structure of percieved “peace” that they fail to see that true peace comes from ones own actions.

Actions that are performed for the sake of action, without ties to outcome lead to the state of energetic neutrality and freedom

Projections, wishes, desires….are not invalid, but when the idea of outcome overrides the processes of enlightenment and discovery, then all you have is dominant demands ruling ones consciousness evolution…..the very reason so many humans are walking around looking like spiritual platypus.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk