Quantum realm this

Thinking back last night about the little rabid monk,

the little me.

I had a flood of old memories wash over me last night: life decisions, old friends that passed, old friends that used me…you know a general “where the hell did these memories comes from?” moment.

The is the wild thing about energy, it always reminds you that you have dormant stuff to work on. I sat for a bit and wondered why those memories, why where they coming up? what was it about?…..till I realized that I was breaking my own training….

Who gives a shit “why”, just move the energy.

I sat and laughed at 3am and then went to “work”.

If you ever meet a sage that says “ I am perfect and know all” —kick them in the crotch. We are all human, we all have talents, but any person that says that they never have room to grow is a total douche. I was wasting time, thinking about why a certain energy thinking popped up….which would lead to more thinking and more of the thoughts of thinking about why I was thinking about why…..

-You know, the normal state of affairs of most humans and the reason we are all in the current clusterfuck.

So I did my practices and moved the energy that popped up.

This morning when I woke, I began to review some of the text I am placing in my upcoming EFV online learning program sign up for info here. In the 2nd section of the program, I saw an instance of the energy that surfaced last night, I speak of a case that I aided in the late 1990’s. I won’t get into details, but the funny thing was when I went to edit some text today, the section that popped up to edit was the section that related to the thoughts that surfaced last night “out of nowhere”.

Time and space is irrelevant and you don’t need to see Avengers Endgame to put your toe in that concept pond….the message came from me today ( conscious mind), sent to me last night (subconscious mind)……pretty wild.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk