Peace is peace

Life is as simple as a pimple on a dimple.

It can be or if you prefer not to bullshit, most of the time it isn’t.

What I have found over my 25 + year career in the “spiritual” field is that a bill of goods is sold to people to achieve the facade of contentment, to reach for an idea of what “peace” is.

Peace is not an island get away ( do you think Hawai’i doesn’t have crime or drugs?) peace is not a spa overlooking a cliff where Zoltan the sweaty half naked Yoga instructor gets a bit close, but not too close and…you know adjusts your pose, because he is there to “educate” you.

Peace is understanding…but not in totality.

Humans cant even balance a checkbook and they want to know all about the workings of the cosmos? they can’t even treat each other with kindness but want to represent some God while they kill someone else?

They beat down upon a person of another gender or race because they have deep set insecurities.

They want to control someone in a relationship vs experiencing all that person has to offer them ( even the challenges).

Peace is peace…..on the level where you presently understand that statement. Peace is peace, but not all. The peace you feel as a child is one level, the peace that you feel when the world drops away at your first kiss is another. The peace of first car, the peace of first apartment, first home, first job….all levels, levels that lead to other levels.

Peace is peace.

Peace is a river flowing and ever shifting.

What was is not what is and what is will soon be was. This is called movement, this is called life. Peace in relation to the yin yang of “is/was” is being willing to understand and grow, not hide and ignore.

If you create a facade, you live the facade. No amount of ignoring something can ever make is go away, it is always a part of the person that is running, but you cannot run from the person you are ignoring as that person is actually yourself. If you have taught yourself that lies are fine, then your energy is ever influenced by lies and always will be…until you wake up.

It is like having a favorite song and always playing it until someone says, hey! change that tune dude!

To resolve energy is the key to having new levels open and make themselves known, to ignore is to lube up ones anal canal and shove ones own head far up it.

So do you desire the facade or the real journey?

Do you want to create your story or have the tides of time wash over you until chances are over? Never miss the chance to grow, see what is front of you.

Another level of peace awaits.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk