When truth comes a knockin"

Photo: Greyson Joralemon

Photo: Greyson Joralemon

Hey Ho, Lets Go! Hey Ho, Lets Go!

I will start this blog rant with that tribute to the Ramones.

Why? For absolutely no reason.

Anyway, i would like to ask “Why do you think that people ask for truth and when truth arrives, they either run from the truth they request or ignore it ?”. Me? Well in my professional opinion, I believe that people have no idea of the power of the patterned layers of energy that rule their actions.

These layers form a concrete reality and despite the fact that a person wants a new understanding ( seeds), they cannot grow into new spiritual heights ( bloom) because the seed is located under this concrete energy and cannot grow through.

I was recently with a group of people that FREQUENTLY used the word “Energy”…..oh boy did they use that word! I sat and listened and listened and listened to people over and over say that word and after a zillion or so references, and it became a bit tiring.


Well that answer is complicated.

If I spoke up and let them know about energy, then they would all want me to “fix’ them ( for free) and tell me all their problems ( dump all their layers of negative energy onto me). In the past I would have tried to help each and every one of them but that boat has sailed.

I learned the hard way that I had to matter as well.

I had to have balance.

So I sat and listened……..to the endless misdirected usage of the word. During this ear fest, I did have moments though to reflect on MY past and how I actually shifted lives and businesses with the actual synergy of spiritual energy and real world events.

As I flew through my memories, I actually caught myself laughing out loud at a memory that popped up. I remembered I would tell all my clients that the hardest thing they would need to do when seeing me, was to try and confront and figure out their judgements of me, as many would say ‘How the hell does a guy that swears and runs around his office like Robin Williams , have your healing and spiritual abilities?”

That would always make me laugh and I would always say “Hey that is your friggin’ quest to find out, I am already enlightened”

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk


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