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Photo: Carolina

Photo: Carolina

Soul or Sole?

Which do you have on the inside?

Is the inner part of you something that you work with or work against?

Do you even think that there is some inner part of you? ( remove all the eons of associated guilt and bullshit attached to anything relating to spiritual pursuits here ______________).

You know that “feeling” that we often get that something is off?

That inner voice that says “ Ahh, you might not want to go down that road”…well, that feeling is loosely defined as your soul speech. This inner cable box to the cosmos need not be so fucking mystical or weird, nor separate you from reality by accepting this dormant part of our being.

A person can live an entire life out without truly understanding the self in relationship to soul development, that is okay on one level as they are still developing as best as they can while still being in the dark regarding the totality of the human experience. If a person is unaware of the potential, they still understand what choice and freewill is and the use of those two very powerful creators ( or destroyers) of consciousness also moves them along the road of evolution.

This road however is limited to what the person is exposed to at the time.

I mean it was impossible for a person to go on a smart phone in the 1800’s and download a blog. All they had at the time was Church/ Temple and the word. Consciousness was being confined, not explored. The greatest lesson often missed is “ God helps those who help themselves” This doesn’t mean that some multi dimension energy isnt there for a person 24/7, but the true connection comes from ones ability to unlock ALL channels on the inner cable box and binge watch ones own life.

Most people only run on basic soul cable channels throughout an entire lifetime

Do you have a soul or a sole that you walk all over?

Do you nurture and pay attention to energetic aspects of your spiritual being or do you stomp it down like grapes being made into wine?

The 1st way to begin to evolve is to understand that there are indeed many outside forces and many inside forces. We are more that walking bags of electrical chemical water that slosh around. Our actions create realities and we are then responsible for the realities that we have created. The soul is part of this amazing relationship and can create many wonderful realities if nurtured and given the chance.

So the next time you turn on cable, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, realize that you subscribed to a package level…….a package that brings you more information because you made the choice to experience it.

So…soul or sole?

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk