What writes on your inner hard drive?

Photo: William Farlow

Photo: William Farlow

If you sit down and think about it, what exactly “makes” you do the things that you do?

Much like the blue pill/red pill scene in the movie “The Matrix” , a person ingests a “altering Matrix reality” pills each day by allowing old energies to constantly manifest the same realities each day ( the pill colors in this instance represent forward movement or repetition of old “stuff”).

If the truth arises in a persons quest for personal growth and change and a person then allows the old ways to dominate, then you are indeed ruled by old repetitive energies. If there are so many clouds in the sky that a pilot cannot land a plane, then the best route is to relay on radar or search for another spot to land vs plowing into the ground….


When a person has new energy enter their lives, they have the choice to be aware of it and act or allow the old energy to continue to suppress evolution of ones consciousness through repetition of old shit. But if the latter is chosen, you cannot expect anything to change, as one energy has to replace the other and cannot do so if a person is steadfast in wanting all around them to change while staying exactly the same ( you cannot serve 2 masters).

This complacency only leads to the old ruling energy “winning out” again.

If happiness and release from ones overwhelming “old ways” are truly desired then when the truth arrives, that is exact time to “be woke” ( ooooh boy!!! I used a young person phrase!!!) and recognize the crossroad that just appeared on your journey , to see that a chance was indeed brought forth from a void to reshape your reality.

More often than not however, the dynamics of expectation often overshadow a persons growth.

Old sticky energy, is a mutha!!!

It is seductive, dominant, crafty and hungry for attention. It needs energy just like the body needs food to sustain itself. It has many deep roots, many manifestations and is slippery in some aspects yet glue like on others. When “prayers” are sent out, when “cosmic questions” are asked and the answer arrives, the old shit that you are trying to rid yourself from will cling hard, it will squeeze you like a horny octopus!

This crap is crafty as well, it will override your thoughts and make you judge the new info, it will make you question it and more importantly, make you fear change itself. Old stuff that you want to shake off is no longer a part of you, it has become what guides you, controls you. Of course it still wants to be employed! It will do anything to keep its job including fucking with your thoughts when the truth is arrives……It will throw up walls like:

1-This info isnt right, this person has no idea what they are talking about

2-I am never wrong, people just don’t get me

3-I am always nice to everyone

While you actually may be nice, old crap will trick you into thinking that you need not to be responsible in any way for any of your actions. It will slow you down, confuse you, make excuses, make you act out, bring out old shit from years past to fire up old patterns….all the while that inner voice is screaming out saying “I DON’T WANT THIS ANY LONGER!”.

So if you ask “ Why is all this shit going on?”, “How can I make a difference?”, “Where is the world headed?”……when the answer comes, don’t judge it. Take the new information, act upon it and send the old shit packing.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®