A long time ago in a housing project far far away

brian and anthony daniels c3po.jpg

A long time ago in a housing project far far away

Anyone know who this actor is?

If you are a dork ( as I am) you know that it is Anthony Daniels ( C3PO) from Star Wars.

Many years ago, my wife surprised me with a Star Wars concert event/meet and greet in California. She set it up so I could meet Mr Daniels at the show. Now you must know that I am a HUGE fan of Joseph Campbell and thus of Star Wars ( well, the original 3 that is).

When I met him I just had to flashback in my mind to the images of the 12 year old inner city me waiting in line for hours in Boston to see Star Wars when it first was released. It was then that a poor kid from the projects of South Boston Massachusetts saw something on the big screen, something magical called “The Force”.

That event brought me to a world of wonder and of hope where this wild energy field once understood, could make a person perform amazing wonders in the galaxy. Sitting in the dark watching these” fictional” images was a long, long, long time before I would shape the lives of countless at my offices in Boston by using my healing connection to “The Force” as an adult.

Did I tell Mr. Daniels about my real world abilities with “The force”? Nah, he would have thought I was a dipshit.

It was however a wonderful chance to connect to my past, as that 12 year old was often the subject of many violent encounters in my neighborhood because he didn’t fit in and have a racist mentality. But like Luke Skywalker, all the shit that was going on around me at that time, was indeed shaping my unseen destiny to become something greater.

So meeting C3P0 was indeed a full circle for me. My awesome wife just found this photo on her laptop and it again made me smile to think of having the chance to connect with a wonderful childhood memory.

So as I ready myself to bring my lifelong studies of human energy to you this spring with my E.F.V KEYS and pass on my knowledge of “The force”, I smile and say….what a wild 42 year ride it has been and wait? what?

Holy shit! I am now the old white bearded Jedi Master.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk