Spiritual responsibility and the great Oz

photo : Levi Xu

photo : Levi Xu

The Man behind the curtain speaks….

So take a peek at the photos below.

What do you see?

A few photos in the middle of nowhere correct?

Well actually yes, you are indeed correct, but I will tell you the tale of how those photos came to be.

If you remember back in 2008, the world went to shit in regards to the economy. By 2009 we were all full steam into a $$$ cluster fuck and countless people were being effected by the acts of a certain few. One night while being up in meditation at 3am, I was kicked in the etheric balls to head off to the center of the country to press the reset button for the reality people were experiencing.

Now before you call me some fucking woo woo new age nutjob, I already know that I am a woo woo new age nutjob…..but with one caveat, I have used my abilities/energy to reshape lives professionally for over 25 years. It is one thing to think that your farts are unicorns that eat lasagna, but if you can actually shape time and space and walk the walk? then that is a whole other story….and well that is my reality.

Here is a few people who have something to say about me.

So after I did indeed get the kick in the nads to head off to the center of our country, I thought for a moment, “Why the fuck do I always have to do this shit?”. No one ever knows how much I do, how much money it costs me to travel or how many lives I have changed. Then i remembered one point that keeps me going “ If I dont, then who the fuck will?”.

So off my wife and I went to the middle of nowhere in Kansas, to get to the center of our collective center. In my meditation, this point represented the heart point of America, the emotional energy that needed to be worked on. The drive seemed to go on and one and to be honest, I still think that we are driving.

When I did get to the location it was wide open ( see photos) 4 corners of the universe wide open and we were the only people around for miles. So as I saw in my meditation, I sat and placed my back on the stone and tuned into the overall vibe of the energy that the country was experiencing. I remember becoming nauseous and having a feeling of absolute depression wash through me as I absorbed the negative energy that was washing over our country.

Shifting energy and all of this metaphysical shit takes its toll on me at times

But boo hoo, like I said someone had to.

So we were at this location for a while and I did my “job” and off we went back on the long ass drive to Kansas City. Now when you speak of this type of work, people can get all fucked up in regards to understanding that reality is ever flowing and effected by each act that we do. I also just happen to have a particular skill set ( much like Liam Neeson) and mine is the ability to work with spiritual/metaphysical energy to shift reality.

So the needle was lifted that day from one reality to another and did it wipe me out?

Yes, but when you are kicked in the balls at 3am to go off and save the world you have 2 choices…..to be or not to be.

I chose be.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk