2020 is coming...R U on team Abigail Freemantle or team Randall Flagg?

EFV KEYS unlock new doors

EFV KEYS unlock new doors

So here we all are

We are now all collectively swimming in the same sea of daily roller coaster experience.

2019 has set up 2020 to be a year of massive spiritual change.

Some of us see a glass half full, some see the glass and could care less of the volume and knock it off the counter to watch it smash on the floor to then blame someone else for the act of destruction. But the kicker? both parties are still sharing the same time and space but varied realities.

Reality energy has been greatly altered the last few years and many emotional vibrations are ringing out at a very intense tuning as a result. There are 2 energies that are currently battling for the privilege to reside on Earth and it seems now more than ever that there is a vibrant duplicity between these two forces.

The result of this struggle is a society that is ensnared in a trap of instant chemical, energetic and emotional responses that in many ways are harmful to both the physical and spiritual states of being. The sad thing is that automated emotional responses to external stimuli are indeed part of being a human itself but the crazy thing? people have seemed to have lost the ability to not be in a state of constant negative reaction and this overwhelming energy of confusion has consumed many minds and ensnared them in a web of confusion.

The big issue then?

Well, I will be delicate with this……

I recently saw a story of an unnamed party having a “Mandate from Heaven” on certain items. Say Wha? Whoah there fella! Now I don’t claim to be anything superhuman, but I will say that at my former practice in Boston’s Back Bay that I have personally cured the blind, aided infertile women to have children, cured migraines, cured phobias, addictions, etc….all with my energy, so I know a bit about this whole “Heaven”/Universe/ Truth/Light Bringer stuff a wee bit.

I think a line is crossed when one party then starts to drop the “Heaven Mandate” card on people to project a superiority and fear based “suggestion” to follow someone blindly. That is wrong. VERY wrong. Heaven is not a place of placing people in cages, of sexism, of hate, of creating wars, of deceit, greed and lies.

It is however a dimension of love, respect, growth, care, equality and honesty.

2020 is a point of change, a crossroads, a new chapter in spiritual evolution.

It doesn't matter if you don’t believe in any “woo woo” tree hugging shit, what does matter is that you recognize that you have seen and experienced people losing their souls and freewill to negative, seductive forces, you have seen ( and reacted to) many people living in an altered state of oppressive thinking. None of these controls are new however, they have been imprinted throughout history and repeated time and time again, from generation to generation.

Like Buddha said “Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”. We have to address and shift the internal energies that repeat if we want to rewrite the future externally.

This is why 2020 is so important, it is a time of cosmic shift, a time of reestablishing ones own control over ones emotional and spiritual energies. Now I don’t know jack squat about astrology, but I do know that many Astrologers are speaking of some rare alignment of Saturn And Pluto on January 12 2020 and how this is a special year somehow for change…..that is great, I guess.


I get my inspiration from within my own cosmic connected consciousness, so when I decided to delay the release of my EFV KEYS program until January, I did so because of the internal inspiration to do so. This is what I am going to show you how to do very soon……how to connect within to the place of love, respect, growth, care, equality and honesty.

I think the time to take control of our energy and world is upon us, so which team are you on?

Freemantle or Flagg?

M-O-O-N spells EFV KEYS ( Watch The Stephen King movie “The Stand” for the joke)

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Brian Collins “The Rabid Monk”