So here we all are

We all sit on the Earth, we all live on the Earth, we will all at some point pass from this Earth. Each of us are born with a specific plan, a specific identity and specific gifts/talents.

We are dabs of paint on the canvas that is life.

Spiritual energy is in a fluid state, neutral to the human consciousness yet has unlimited power to create change on a multi dimensional level. The true act of “righteous behavior” is one of a visionary that sees the totality of ones gift being utilized as part of the whole for humanity.

As we are part of a multiverse, our actions create reaction not only on your plane of existence, but on many planes. What we do effects other layers of reality and in turn those layers also effect ours. Some may call this process a Life in Synergy®……a life of understanding of ones place in the cosmos.

The hard thing about human consciousness is the fact that dominant thought energy often taints ones actions to cloud the whole to see only the desires of the one. For the past 30 years, I have been on quest to shape reality and aid as many people as possible with my gifts, my “righteous behavior” has included curing the blind, buying every gift wish lists for 25 families in need on the holidays for years, aiding infertile woman in having children, curing migraines, addictions and much so more.

I do so with my talent : my energy, I am not a plumber, I am not a Banker, I am not Politician….I am me, the person who has dedicated himself to reshaping the world I experience. It is hard at times as I would like to do so much more for the world and know I truly can but am limited by my own finances ( It takes dough to travel to do so)…you see when you love, you are often so blinded by the energy of caring that you fail to see that with hope, care, trust and faith….that there can be challenges to your “mission”, challenges that will try and pull you under.

Me? Sure, I have had many people promise me the world, I have had many want to aid me with me mission to help level out the energies of the world, only to then not really understand what “righteous behavior” meant. So, what do I do when that happens? I go back inward, regroup my energy, see the mission and then get back to being me……

People that cannot understand “righteous behavior” are the ones that often use the power of blame when they in fact should be looking at a mirror, as action creates reaction and the reflection of what they are experiencing is a direct result of the energies that they have sent out to the Cosmos, God, Buddha, Etc. Multiverse energy can confuse the shit out of you or you can see for its simplicity…….

Know who you are, appreciate your gifts, share your gifts, do what you will say you will do and watch the ripples of change echo out.

That is some righteous behavior

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®