The great mystery of spiritual energy (without all the bullshit)


We are all born and yup, we will all die.


The big dividing thing in between both of the halves of the yin yang is that thing called life.

Life, the big event , the big school, the big confusion. We spend most of it in pursuit of a way to enjoy it while we can still exist in it by producing and consuming to remain alive.

Now if I go all tree hugger, that blog would be considered a preachy amount of shit that no one wants to hear, so I won’t do that, in fact I can’t do that because I like you, do not like people preaching to me. What I do like is blatant honesty and truthful action…..rare commodities these days.

So, what do we do with this in between stage between birth and death? what are your current domination energies that make you aware of the 2nd stage of life, living?

Are you living?

Or are you in the pursuit of life?

They are very different energies, very different paths. Many people in the pursuit of life by thinking it involves only the energies of birth, education, reproduction, savings, retirement, death. Wow, imagine if that was the case? What a fucking waste of consciousness! Very hamster on a wheel don’t you think?

There is much more to the experience of life than just acquiring lots of money and lots of shit.

In fact I know plenty of very very very rich people that you would see and say “Wow they have it all” when in fact, they don’t. Sure they can buy lots of physical shit, but the soul is not connected the body at all and they have completely replaced the inner self with the outer self.

Now I also want to say, that I am typing this blog on my Mac desktop computer, something I purchased, something I wanted. Isn’t that shit you say? Yes it is indeed shit, but I also have a grasp in the the etheric, the metaphysical, the spiritual…..I try to balance 2 energies out in away that the soul is acting from place of inspiration, not old repetition. I am aware of the acquire shit vibe and the etheric vibe and try to be aware of and consciously balance out the 2 fields interacting as each moment that passes.

If you act out of repetition however, then you are simply allowing old energies to sprout time and time again. If you act out of inspiration, you do so from the cosmic well water inside of you, the truth spring ( boy is that corny as fuck). To act out of inspiration is difficult though, because many people overuse the word “inspired”. Real inspiration is a true tactile feeling inside, something very, very, very different than the social meme media idea of “inspired”.

The feeling is almost like a signal, a taste, a dimensional rift that washes over a persons conscious mind, flooding past the normal day to day feelings of reality. It is a bridge to the Akashic records, the Superconscious, God, the Universe, The Buddhamind…whatever you want to call “it”.

When you touch into this placeless place, it is like a moment of ESP, it is like “seeing” what actions are correct for ALL dimensions not just the “want” realm of Earth. Now if that doesn’t sound like some” Tree humping and I have now have splinters in my dick” jibberish, I don’t know what does…..

With one exception, it is the truth.

The point in between life in death should be one of active transitions, interconnected moments where a person learns that right and wrong on a higher plane are the exact same, where energy is all and all is energy. Where the mind is the tool to shape the reality that one experiences sans all the earthly ties to the constant manipulations of that mind.

Energy is energy and should be set free by a mind that is free, by a mind that truly and finally knows itself and knows how to pierce and unify the veil of the birth, living and death states.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®