Fuster Cluck Enlightenment

photo credit: dominik vanyi

photo credit: dominik vanyi

Well, let us insert some deep shit here

and that will solve all of the current state of the world.

I mean isn’t that what the internet is all about? creating wonderful vibes that support everyone and move the consciousness of the world forward? You would think that with such a powerful global tool to use for good that it could never be taken over by negativity, ego, self serving narcissistic behaviors fed by technology right?

I mean what kind of world would that be?

How long could a planet like that last with that as the dominant consciousness?

Now before you unleash your shit monster vibe on me and think that i am being a downer, I am not. What I am doing is bringing old stagnant etheric shit to the surface to be released vs replayed. The issue is when you do so in todays society you are often the target for much of the worlds judgements. Sure, it is okay and accepted to swim in a sea of daily foolishness, but when you bring the truth ? Holy Shitbags Batman, you get roasted for it. If you ask “ Well who the fuck are you to speak on this subject?” well I actually walk the walk of all this time and space shit.

So I write these blogs for the people that have spiritual questions and are ready to have them answered.

The rest? the haters, energy hounds, fuck heads and wanna be’s….”screw em”, swim in the sea of confusion.

Anyway, when exactly is “the right time” in regards to ones advancement?

Is it when you think so?

Is it the ideal teacher or the ideal environment ( you know, the mountains in a temple with some bald dude).

Could it be that that is a version of the truth for those drawn to that vibe?

What about the inner city kid with roaches as his/her pet?

With the sounds of violence as their wind chimes?

Do they matter?

Do they feel that “Enlightenment” is something that “Rich” people only can get?

What kind of fucking world is it that actually has that as its truth?

Our current world.

We live in that world where enlightenment has been highjacked.

People read about far away “spiritual” locations and dream of getting to this special energy. Sure, some areas on Earth are very peaceful and I would be a hypocrite if I said I haven’t traveled to many of the worlds “Power points”, I have. But what I also have discovered is that those “power points” dont amount to shit unless a person realizes that they are the power point.

Do you think that I performed any of the miracle shit I did in Boston for 25 years at my former healing practice because I went to special locations? No ( I have already spoke prior in varied posts of the countless “miracles” performed at my former practice in Boston, so I wont repeat myself).

I realized that i was the one traveling all over the world and when the journey ended, I then “Had a Divine connection within”. Now that term may piss a bunch of people off, but I mean I acquired a connection to my own Divinity and my understanding of what I believe. I have learned that we all can do amazing things, if you want to call this energy simply “Being nice” , or you want to call it God, Buddha, Allah, call it want you want. I dont care, all I care is that people wake the fuck up to see that this is the only world we currently have and our consciousness needs an update.

There might be some validity to the conspiracy of a super secret spaceship ufo program that we have hidden away , ones that fly people to other worlds, I have no fucking idea on that, I do know however that good ol Earth is in a fuster cluck right now and the ones that are here on Earth are indeed stuck in quicksand consciousness.

Can you now understand why now my clients gave me the name The Rabid Monk? being a sarcastic spiritual sage is the mission I have been on since the early 1990’s and continue to be on. I chip away year after year at the universal stagnations of the human collective conscious, trying my hardest to do my part in turning the dial of accepted realities and norms.

Guess what?

You owe it to yourself to cut the cords to the accepted realities that have been shoved in your face.

You owe it to ourself to be free from all of the old repetitive bullshit that plays out generation after generation.

It is so important to see what is transpiring in the world right now, see how this replayed energy can manifest into the embryo of a human child, who then could be handed it all, told that they are great at everything, taught that lie energy is fine. You can see how unresolved repetitious energy over generations and a confluence of events can then lead to massive global disturbances.

This certain type of energy is what we are all experiencing right now and is a representation of a larger element of the self holding us back as a species. It is a physical representation of the undisciplined inner child that is within all of us, the connection to the cosmos and the wonder of it all.

Instead of feeding reaction when ( usually daily for the last 2 years) you see an unruly man child causing stress, simply step back and breathe. Breathe NEW mana, breathe NEW chi, breathe NEW prana into you…….rework your reaction, dont let an energy hound pull you into their world. Will that make all instantly shift?

Who knows.

This very exercise was one of the things I did for hours at my old practice, I would breathe for 1 hour before and after a client. I would do so to charge up myself and prepare for the next client and the next round of shifting past energies, I would create NEW energy with each breath…….NEW ENERGY.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk