Rabid Monk Podcast 1-30-19 Special Guest: GOD

photo: jenna anderson

photo: jenna anderson

God on the Rabid Monk Podcast! NSFW!

Warning: Contains ADULT language,

So how about this score! I have God as a guest!

Funny, God’s people contacted me when he saw a recent story on CNN that a certain person who works for the White House stated that the creator of all wanted a certain person to become President. So I was contacted by God’s PR firm and they asked if God could do an episode of my Rabid Monk Podcast to discuss this matter.

What am I going to say to God, no?

Of course God can be on the Rabid Monk Podcast!

So, we chatted for about 20 minutes on varied topics ( Including the CNN story) and at the end it turned a bit weird in regards to God asking me if the almighty could do a little something special on the show in regards to music ( you will have to listen), but I think that God made a few valid points and provided a couple of life lessons for us all….you know, God stuff.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, who knows maybe Buddha’s people will hear this episode and contact me…

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk