The lesson of repetition and how it shapes reality

photo: steve harvey

photo: steve harvey

I send you a Rabid Monk “Hiya doin?”

Okay, let’s take a peek at this spooky wild world of “spiritual energy”.

When I speak of spiritual energy, I do so not from the perspective of the person who will lump those two words in with aliens, bigfoot, ghosts, or tree huggers with a car plastered with bumper stickers that say “save the earth from plastic bumper stickers”.

I speak of spiritual energy from a common source: namely the question that we all share despite the bullshit that divides us all and the question is: “Why does this shit keep going on and on?”.

Sages before me spoke of inward journeys and seeking the kingdom…some sat under a tree, some gave their lives doing so. All spoke of the connection to the great big wonder beginning within. Well, when they did so they also had nighttime skies that you could see endless stars vs a world covered in light pollution. They had a world of crickets and birds, not car noise and leaf blowers.

Far too often a person when in search for the understanding of it all ( the self) will get stuck in the idea of what spiritual energy is all about, but they jump back to the times of Jesus or Buddha ( just to name 2 ). They use ( try to) the teachings but do not update them to conform to the distraction energies of present day life. It is like picking fruit at a supermarket, you choose not the bruised ones, only the things that look tasty.

Imagine showing a person back in the old days of Salem Massachusetts a cell phone?

How long before you would be tied to a post and feel the hot flames tickling your feet for having a “glowing devil box”? Life is constantly moving yet our understanding of the reasoning behind stagnation of human consciousness and evolution is still in the stone age.

Sure, past sages have taught lessons to try and better the world, but people have only picked the yummy fruit .

Where we stand currently at the crossroads of technology/industry and human evolution is a dangerous place to be. It is truly a precipice where if you really look down, you will surely shit yourself. I say these things not be be all doom and gloom like some goth album, but to scrape the surface of the idea of collective enlightenment as a race.

Despite all our self imposed “ differences” we all share the same reality, we are all swimming in the sea of repetition energy that we draw from daily. Collective conscious energy is stored much like money in a bank. We all make deposits to it as each second passes. Except in this cosmic bank we do not deposit money, we deposit action and thought. This deposit then goes through filters and processes and becomes the reality that we all experience as a whole.

We are all variables and facets of that energy…think of the whole like a Pointillism painting, small dots (us) that create an image on a canvas (reality).

Does that make sense to you?

Does that ring true?

If so, I shall continue….if not, re -read the beginning of this post again and then see if it does.

Okay the 2nd deep as fuck part….

So based upon our understanding of this collective soup, how the good shitcakes does a person understand repetition energy?

How does all this shit work ?

Well, take a listen to my podcast on itunes today, I have done an episode on repetition energy and have added an audio lesson to show how repetition plays out 24/7…….it was designed to educate the subconscious ( the one that makes deposits to the energy bank)

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk