Pull down on the lap bar and hold on tight

photo: sandra seitamaa

photo: sandra seitamaa

Life is an amusement park, which ride do you ride?

The Terrible Tower:

Full of melodramatic up and down drops and turns

Happy Ducks Fantasy Spin

The pretend shit doesnt stink as you twirl in circles

Whacky Wild Waters of Woo

Rolling with the flow no matter what bouncing around

Cosmic Coaster

Living with the universe as your guide as you fly through the void

La La La! It’s Wait in Line Land

Sit and wait for everyone/everything else to change

Life moves so fast and is always in motion..

it is often hard to truly see the self in a world full of over stimulation.

Periodically a person needs , truly needs to pull back and realize what is around them. They have to see and experience life, not just read it from a magazine or like a meme online, but really wake up and smell, touch, taste, hear and see the world.

Cause one day, you wont be able to.

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®