Tell me why

There was a great dance song back in the day called “Tell me why” by the singer Jimmy Somerville of the Bronski Beat.

I used to dance to it at a New Wave club in Cambridge Ma. called Manray.

A line in the song stands out for the challenging situation we are all going through right now . The line “You and your false securities, Tear up my life” really rings true to the ripple effect of internal imbalances resulting in external manifestation of reality.

Part of the secrets of enlightenment, is that a person has the ability to create change within themselves to manifest outward changes in the world that they experience. But when you have a situation that seems so much larger than you, what do you do to effect change? how can you right?

Well, you cross the bridge of time and space.

Huh? what the fuck are you talking about , you say?

Let me explain. What we are experiencing ( and any and all “problems” that we experience ) currently did not start 2 years ago, it started much longer than that. We are experiencing that energy now, in this moment, but the origins and blueprints for this chaos were being shown a long time before this shit storm had a chance to rain down.

We are now in it, so how do we get out of it?

Well, realize that the changes we make right now will shift time and space in the future and in the moment. All life is just moments connected by the chords of time. If you get caught up in a projection of a “when” result you quickly lose sight of the duty at hand. The only issue to focus on is the exact moment that passes and what a person chooses to do with that moment.

That is called the frequency of human evolution.

Reactions, rages, fighting, yelling, all feed the storm. Introspection, action and evolution counter the effects of past negative energies that have had had a chance to blossom. If same energy is allowed to repeat, it will. Work on the self and thus shift the future……

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®


here is the song if you want to have a mini 80’s dance party