Seekers, surf the wave of truth cosmic dudes and dudesses

So what is it really about ?

Well for 25 years, I sat and shifted the energy of problems for people on many levels, physical and metaphysical. On the very surface of the latest clusterfuck from DC, we see unchecked ego energy as the source of the most recent stagnation.

That ego however is just 1 facet of the whole.

As I said over and over again at my desk to my former clients, "I am plumber", I just unclog things. Unclogging however takes many forms. To truly move energy, you cannot place the solution on one singular point, not on one area, not on one situation. You have to look it from above, below, sideways, backways, purpleways, pizzaways.....all ways.

We are all nothing but a sum of all that is and all that is has many in order to obtain a balanced shift in energy that doesn’t rebound to play over again and again we have to be able to see all aspects of the self to truly manifest lasting change.

This is the quagmire that DC is currently in.

One group wants absolute control and could care less about how that foot stomping spoiled want energy effects the whole the other group wants the other to follow what they want……

How do you fix this?

How do you move the seemingly unmovable mentality? 

Well the totality of that answer would be a very long and drawn out lesson and most of it would be ignored and or disregarded if I included it in a blog post. I will condense the full description/lesson by saying that nothing, absolutely nothing that we experience in life is 'new".

All that we currently are going through is just an "updated" version of what was in the past, the same shit that history has shown us ( be we haven't learned from) prior.  Yuppers, we are all going through a revamped of a pattern energy right now.

The difference?

Well we have indeed grown as a race, be it slowly, but our problems have also grown with the addition of social media/technology and the multiple ways negative energy has a chance to spread all over the world in an instant . 

For those who understand macrocosmic movement, well then you are responsible for the shifts internally, you are the painters of the bigger picture.  I have techniques and methods to do so and I am  working on placing in online learning programs to pass the info to you soon in my upcoming E.F.V Method online learning module dropping sometime in the late December/January.

•Would you eat a sandwich if some person you really didn't know just said 'Hey, here is a sandwich, eat up"? Hopefully No.

•Would you purchase that same sandwich from the same stranger if you asked them to make it for you in a shop? Of course you would.

Ponder the difference of those 2 above energies, vibe out on that.

When you react to the shit going on in DC, have you tried looking behind you or to each side of you for the answer to “How can I shift this world”?

Sometimes you need to hide the cookie jar (reaction) so that the spoiled child stomps its feet for a bit ad then goes onto the next thing after its focus is shifted to something else. To get angry at 1 point in space only feeds the child mentality, enlighten yourself to directional energies and diffuse reality from the center outward, dont feed one point in space by awarding it your emotional energy (ties).

Stay tuned seekers of the way


Brian "The Rabid Monk" Collins