You or them?


What is up with the ol brainbox?

Is a person in control of what they see and think or are they ruled by external stimuli?

Are you really hungry for the chicken cheesy bacon bomb that you just saw on TV or did the combo of sight and sound tell you inside that you needed to put yourself in a food coma for the day? Life is whirlwind of shit, tons of images, tons of smells, tons of sounds…..all shaping our consciousness as each second ticks by. A person is blind to the instantaneous changes that occur within the mind as emotions and memories flood through the system processing all that is being taken in externally through the senses.

Just as seeing a fuzzy bunny controls the emotions ( Fuzzy bunny = oooh, ahhhh, how cute) by suggestive controls that are shot out of a memory cannon from past experiences of attached bunny joy by seeing or possibly petting a fuzzy bunny, every single day through external repetitive sayings, visual controls and audio music cues, a person is unaware of the marketing to the subconscious and the resulting x + y = controlled action ie: “oooh how cute” ( x being the object/person of control, y being the desired response) resulting actions.

You are being “fuzzy bunnied” all day long by and have no idea.

I know that sounds all Morpheus from the Matrix and I sound like a whackjob, so lets look at a suggested color vibration, lets say the color pink.

Pink: The color of love, romance, being kind….soft, caring, compassion.

The tone of pink ( roughly captured above in a sound file using sound scanning technology) is in the key of A ( depending on exact color). This tone is broadcasting each and every time you see the color pink. It is vibrating at a higher scale and not audible to the human ear but still broadcasting a unique frequency. So imagine all the colors that you see daily, are blasting outward like a 1980’s boombox with brand new batteries . Remember that tidbit during your next stroll through Times Square with the towers of neon and flashing images shoving suggestions at you or remember this when taking in the splendor of a huge field of wildflowers in bloom with waves of color slowly moving in the breeze.

Tones effect our emotions and they are all around us.

With that in mind, you can now see how a simple repetitive external “mantra like” suggestion ( words are tones) from another person can influence ones own actions. I mean how many people are chanting “Om” at some Yoga class at the local gym , not knowing that the chant may be effected by the color or the room or the color of clothing that they are wearing? Imagine chanting “Ommmmmmm” and the room itself is chanting “ Yooooooou suuuuuuck” ( a tonal version) because the choice of paint color in the workout room was wrong?

See now ?

The room has a color and is broadcasting a sound ( a suggestion)…….you may want to feel “ peeeeeeeeaaaccccceee” while the workout clothing color chosen by you to wear at the class may sound like “Blahhhhhhh”.

This is why you have to be aware of external stimuli and repetitive external forces that are teaching your subconscious mind. Repetitive sayings, hand gestures, “power color” clothing. body position, all act as info downloads to the subconscious. You have to “ be woke” ( I am wayyyy to old to be using that term) to the inner voice , the inner child, and realize how susceptible it is to suggestion. If not, you may find yourself shoving that the chicken cheesy bacon bomb sandwich in your face for no reason, repeating slogans automatically and generally just walking through life as a reactive zombie pulled by the fishhook of external subconscious mind and emotion manipulation.

So how does a person begin to “Be woke” ( Shit, I said it again )?

It first starts with looking at yourself. Take sometime to sit with yourself…I know that sounds 5 cheese dip cheesy, but take 5 minutes 3x a week to discover you.

•Close your eyes.

•Just shut out the world,

-no music,

-no external influence,

-just chill with you and your breath.

•Shut your eyes, inhale deeply and exhale fully and feel yourself in the moment…you need not chant and twist yourself like a pretzel , just sit with your eyes closed and feel your lungs fill with air and exhale, then fill, then exhale, then fill then…well, you get the point. Set a 5 minute timer on your phone and tune out.

But whoah….

You may say, “well you aren’t you influencing me to do something just like the colors, ads and gestures are?”……well actually yes, I am. But I am trying to have you discover your own inner stillness, where your relationship to the subconscious is located. Once you obtain that connection, you are woke ( shit, I did it again!) to internal inspired independent action through in the moment choices, not reactive controlled responses through externally directed influences…a very different world. I have spent the better half of 25 years of my life aiding clients with letting go of the external to find the internal, some do so easily, some hold on and it takes time to let go of cemented reactions like anger, demand, expectations ( see client testimonials here) and other fun “clingy” energies.

Inner truth isn’t accomplished in a day though.

You have to be willing to keep having your “you” time to strengthen that inner stillness relationship as you are still bombarded with bullshit on daily basis from all angles: eyes, ears, nose… will gradually notice your inner sensitivity grow and expand to where you may “feel” the colors of a room or know which person to listen to ( or not ) but it takes time, action and honesty ( listen to the song “ Colors of the wind” by Vanessa Williams, what she sings of obtaining in the song isn’t just tree hugging fluff.. trust me on that ).

Give it a try, shit, hey, the worst thing that could happen is that you learn to relax.


Brian Collins “The Rabid Monk”


I recorded this blog to my Rabid Monk podcast, just in case anyone wanted to be influenced by my soft, seductive Boston Irishman accent : )