Ch- Ch- Changes

photo: todd quackenbush

photo: todd quackenbush

Saw something amazing last summer at a beach that my wife and I frequent down Cape Cod, something that became another reminder of enlightenment

The 1st time we found this place we thought "Wow, this place is pretty interesting metaphysically."

How so?

Well, the beach is at the end of a very large wetland (with massive waves of sea grass) accessed by a long boardwalk floating above the grass from the small parking lot to the shore. The area drains out completely each day ( about 9 feet high) to be refilled again ( think of it like mini Bay of Fundy) with the flow of the tides.

It is very cute, as families tube through the channels cut out of the grass and children jump off of an old wooden bridge into the channel...classic summer experiences. The interesting thing about the place though is watching the flow, seeing the water come in stay for a bit and then see the water leave. The change in topography, the change in ecosystems: all a reminder of the fluid state of life.

The constant state of change is in full effect at this location and to sit, unplug for a day and witness change in real time is truly special. Sure, you can watch the sea come and go anywhere there is a tide, but to see the changes of depth, how the sea life changes , how the birds have la fresh lunch and dinner because of the changes, how the families swim and play because of the change in sea depth...well you see what I am trying to explain, many reality ripple effects as a result of a simple tidal event.

This year was the 1st year we were back to visit in a couple of years and after making the long walk along the boardwalk to the beach section we sit at near a grass covered dune with a great cove, we were quickly reminded of the flow of life. 

1/2 of a section of the long beach was gone.

The huge sea grass covered sand dunes were no more.

The Northeast storms last year 2017/2018 took out an entire section of land with its tremendous power/storm surges. A massive section of beautiful sloping grass covered dunes was simply flattened and turned to a long stretch of stone covered beach. It directly mirrored a personal event for my wife and myself over the last couple of years…one that flattened us.

Wow, can you say change ?

The dunes being gone reminded me in an instant how the power of change happens & the need for human awareness of connection to all. The entire landscape changed as a result of the massive storm and because of that change, the water flow patterns changed, the protected nesting area for birds was gone, the beach now had a new wind pattern, sudden change indeed knocked on the door of Mother nature and she opened it.

To see all is to be all

as nature isn’t something we go and "look at" and if that is the mindset you hold to, then you miss you in the equation. You the reader are also a part of nature you see, a piece of the cosmic puzzle...a piece of the storm. I was reminded of the metaphysical connection to all as the massive changes my wife and i experienced also reworked the “landscape” of our identity realities.


Do you see the world for what “it” is or do you see how you are the world through your actions?

We are just moments in time, we ebb and flow and let the tides come and go, as dunes and stones dissolve we are moved. Just like the dunes or situations that we see daily, we think all are constant, none are here forever. 

Do you desire to leave this planet at peace?

Your sands of time are in motion...dont take too long to decide .



Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®