scrub your windows (consciousness) sucka

There is a point in time when the windows need to get cleaned. 

Windows, sweet windows to view the world. We all have them, businesses, homes, churches, temples etc...all have these wonderful translucent hunks of pressed hot sand as barriers to the elements allowing us to feel protected, yet connected to the "outside" world.

Without windows, we would all be sitting in closed off boxes unable to see what is going on.....hmmm, does someone smell a Rabid Monk lesson coming on?

Your mind and eyes are your windows to the world and much like the panes of glass that get dirty and hard to see out of , your consciousness (mind) and soul holes (eyes) also need cleaning as well. Just like the window that while caked with muck, still awards you a bit of clarity to see through it, so goes your current state of enlightened being and thus the entire flow of the planet.

So often a persons patterns become the dirt that clogs things up.

Patterns lead to complacency, which leads to outward comfortable demands on external (people). This duo slowly begins to shut down the peripheral vision, closes it off more and more until one day you are sitting in the room of the mind without any windows unable to see.

This "dirty" state takes time to build up and people get immersed in the gradual reduction of inner sight as it slowly alters the thoughts and actions over time. Deep down inside all people have clean windows, all people can indeed see clearly....but to return to that state takes a whole big ass bucket of window wash ( inner work)  and a crap ton of clean rags ( reflection and action).

We can hire a professional window cleaner ( spiritual teacher), but when we do we have to see how clean the windows are and appreciate the work done.

More often than not, when the windows get cleaned  the home ( or business) owner then grabs a bucket of mud and throws it all over the sparkling efforts of the one that just helped them (the spiritual teacher) as sitting in a dark room becomes the norm and the pure light that clean windows bring in to the mind is foreign to so many as darkness became the easy energy to to be immersed in ( complacency).

Am I now going to give a "solve all" here, some masterful enlightened point that will shift your reality like you just did a flying cannoball into a wormhole? 

I already this post a few times and share it.



Brian Collins The Rabid Monk®