Bullshit and the hole it poured out of


So I was thinking the other night "What the fuck is all this bullshit"?

I mean you spend a lifetime working, doing good, trying to spiritually help people and then one day you will still find yourself in bed, hooked up to machines, watching your life force and money trickle away. So it sure seems that you spend your lifetime saving, to then give it all away to hospitals and insurance companies?

Huh? Nah......

Life is indeed a school and there are many chapters in ones education in the totality of the human experience and that experience also involves waking up to what is around you, what is important to you and what either drains or adds onto your personal experience in this flesh containment of cosmic energy known as "a human lifetime".  Earth time is wayyyyyy to short to have negative thoughts or people destroy any moments of personal growth and peace.

Over the past 25 years as a having the career as a "healer" and spiritual consultant for individuals and companies ( whatever the fuck that means)  I have seen much, done much for many and been shit on and used frequently for caring so much. I have gone through many spiritual changes and understandings and actually have gone through hell and back and paid the price for my ignorance to hateful negative forces masked as "nice" people.  Before you assign the judgement of whack job to me, realize that I didnt sign up for ANY of this wild bullshit, I was raised in a working class housing project in South Boston, Massachusetts, none of this energy/metaphysical/quantum entanglement shit was on my radar as a kid, the only thing on my screen was not being shot by Irish mobster Whitey Bulger or stabbed by one of his goons jacked up on angel dust ( "dip" for you youngsters out there).

So when I take the time to write any scribbles on this blog ( you are welcome by the way) I do so as a way to purge out my own brain vomit and provide a way to show you the truth behind being a 21st century real sage. The truth is many can say that they are "spiritual" or on a "journey" but in reality the ones that have dedicated their entire lifetime to the study of all this "stuff" are the ones that can talk the talk as they have walked the walk through all of the painful stages of transformation.

To simply say "you are spiritual" doesn't amount to shit, you have to understand energy, how you truly connect to that energy, how you create and support (or destroy) a positive power that helps to shape reality as we know it and how you unify this inner relationship to make the internal, external.

Real progression and evolution isn't about a projecting a "centered selfie" facade on instagram, relying on a gemstone in a bedroom or having a website that sells new age nonsense to people, it isnt about lacking responsibility and then assigning blame to others for ones own repetitive actions...it is about the wake up call, the usage of the passage of time as an etheric alarm clock to understand multi verse layered realities and your role in it all.

You see, sages are not born overnight, I have had some amazing teachers and many of those teachers also wound up hurting me very bad ( one was from Hawaii who I spent years traveling the world with). This former teacher asked me to take on horrible energy on the Big Island years ago as he told me it would help shift global stagnations and promised me the world if I did, so I took on the negative power as asked, became quite ill as a result and when I was in bed and paralyzed from the event, he then walked away from me forever to become very well off financially.  -True story. 

So I know first hand about cosmic betrayal , I know of the power of being shit on on a massive scale....

After that event, it took me a long time to return to "me", the guy that sat in a small office for 13 hours a day 6 days a week shifting endless energies, providing miracle after miracle in Boston on Newbury Street year after year for clients. I ruled the world that was my office ( see below video) and told all clients that came in and asked  me " how do you have this ability?", I would explain to them once my office door shuts and we are simply one on one, you are in my world, and there is no alternative in my world other than a miracle. That guy? well he was hit hard and left to die but with the power of love from my only friend, my only family, my wife Helena, I came back from Hell. 

Am I the same now after that event?


Why? Because I changed, the old me did indeed die....I morphed into a new person and I now I see how much I gave of myself to create miracles, I now see the power of balance and how I can still create miracles, but need the people who ask me to do so, to also create balance in my world or all I am doing is killing myself...something that I did once for the world and will never do again


So remember this sacred Rabid Monk spiritual lesson:

When you see a lump of steaming bullshit, a fragrant fly attracting pile o' poo, remember that bullshit didn't just appear, it came out of a bulls asshole, down from the colon, down from the stomach, down from the mouth, a result of chewing the food it was fed, which was grown in soil, planted as a seed from another plant.
The shit had many layers, many energetic forms before it manifested as crappola. So if you only see a lump of "bullshit" on the ground, you have then just affirmed that you only see one form of energy and have shown your current level of understanding.
A sage sees all......

( Insert gong strike, mic drop)

Brian Collins The Rabid Monk