Look in my eyes, what do you see........

So what is the fact jack? What is going on?

Is the shit we are all currently swimming in "new"? 

I mean hasn't there been countless instances of some nut bag brainwashing people into believing that they would be helped by them in some manor over and over and over throughout history?

"I am Legion, we are many".....ever hear that one before?

The sad part of all of this current manifestation of nonsense is that the human species is actually in a state of advanced spiritual regression. The physical form continues to slowly morph ( think fish crawling out of the sea) while the expansive mind, the connective part to the cosmos is being trampled under foot. 

I had a conversation with my wife about this topic the other night while watching ( and being watched) by a family of owls that decided to move into our backyard for a bit. We were discussing humanity and the misguided human need for falsehoods to influence a persons life.

Social media has spread this energy like wildfire and the energy of "truth"? well that quickly decaying power is being smashed into pulp and ganged up on by the dominant negative present day "I am Legion, we are many" energies . 

The old adage of power in numbers being the truth can also be transferred to the new age concept of collective thought and how that power can shift reality as we know it. You need not fully comprehend the vast confusion known as quantum entanglement to understand that anyone who has been on the receiving end of collective hate can attest to the damaging aspects of focused misguided thought and how that collective thought manifests not only as psychic but physical once acted upon.

"I am Legion, we are many".....can also be collective united thoughts of hate and control that help to create global imbalances. Don't always think that a red horned demon with a pitchfork smelling of sulfur aftershave is to blame, look at the energies you may have accepted as being "real" and look deep within your own soul to see if you have indeed been brainwashed by a cult of personality type,  as the latest physical form of it can be any color maybe not red, maybe even orange.




Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"