Hair today, gone tomorrow

©2018 brian collins

©2018 brian collins

So let me go down memory lane ( a quick recap that is).

In my youth ( the wild and whirlwind filled 1980's) , I was a heavy metal bass playing love stud with long sexy rock star hair. I left music back in the day because I had a " calling" to further research the real me, the martial arts/etheric energy/God/cosmos seeker. So at a crossroad of change in my life, my persona went from hair flipping bass slapping metal love stud, to a GASP! short haired "civilian" inner soul seeker.

Okay enough of that back in the day horseplop, next stop, Nowville

Recently I was letting my hair grow out from my usual shaved head and the other night while working on a case for a client into the wee hours , I realized that I was not generating truth energy,  I was growing hair for what reason exactly? 


I am not in my 20's going out 4 nights a week to nightclubs to listen to jazz and metal and flaunt my sexy sexiness....I am a 50 something Master of Etheric and Martial Practices who helps to shape reality through his quantum entanglement connection to multiverse energies. Why do I need to chase what is left of my hair then?  Part of my "cosmic" gift ( whatever that means)  is my hyper sensitivity to energy, to see how a person effects all and how the all effects a person.  Vanity is not and cannot be my part of my vibe..... So what did I do when I saw my connection to the current state of affairs in the world

Yup, the hair is gone once again....shaved.

My truth is who I am, I am a walking cosmic clean slate, I clean the energy I see, I clean the info I see....

Sometimes it is indeed hard as people are blind to their own actions and shifting long standing spiritual blocks for them can be a tedious ( but rewarding) process , sometimes it is easy, but to cling is to the ones efforts is to always play catch up.  The moment is the key, somedays hard, somedays easy....the only thing that matters is : constant improvement through action. I need me to always be me, so out came the buzzers....LET THE BALD RABIDNESS OUT once more!

So, let the haters hate, let to foolish be fools....remember, at the end of your life, you will have one last question in your mind " Did I grow or stagnate when given the chance to discover inner truth?". The answer should be " Hells Ya....I knocked that shit out of the park".


Brian Collins The ( once again the super smooth/stubbled headed) Rabid Monk