The cosmic finger



Who are who and who are you among the who?

Many are searching and seeking.

Jesus sought, Buddha sought, Moses sought, Mohammed sought, the single Mom with 3 kids seeks, the Dad worrying about his kids future seeks, all are (and were) looking for the end point to the endless mind questions that life jams into a humans skull. Life however is more than popping a kid out, paying bills & trying to acquire fortune or the fastest cell phone.

A person after being born is actually slowly dying , not living and has a finite amount of time to grow, expand ones consciousness and achieve a higher state of cosmic energetic connectedness to something greater before time sneaks up like a ninja. Now before you roll eyes and saying "Depressive hippy fucking thinking" I will say this, I don't care if you believe in something bigger or simply think when you kick it you are worm food. The issue is that you dont doubt yourself at all...if you believe in nothing and simply think that is all that is and you are going burn a candle on both ends till you drop? great, but dont waiver from that idea at all, don't have your last thought be " I hope I was right".

People often live life like it is endless, it is not.

You owe it to yourself to always ask the creator of problems ( yourself) "How do I fit into this cosmic equation?" (the reality that you experience). Blame is a seductive wonderful energy, blame is so easy to do....constant introspection and making a connection to lasting solutions? Ahhhhh, now that is a tough one homegirls and homeboys. In the distant past, I spent much of my life on the team blame game, spent years giving my precious mind energy to past girlfriends, childhood friends, former co workers....until I realized that that I was blaming them for my side of things, my life actions.

I went out on my journey and discovered that you cannot blame anyone, including yourself.

There is a huge difference between blame and responsibility.

If you are governed by a dominant cemented energy ( lack of responsibility) and only see reaction vs action then you are running the marathon of life on a treadmill. This applies to all situations...whether it be something physical like: avoiding a heart attack, stroke, addictions, be it political unrest in the United States ( or around the Globe), hatred for a specific person, treatment of the planet, wildlife, be it, rape, inner city violence....( any and all shit you view, you get the picture)...a person has to be willing to go deep within the self to unlock the origin of any problem.

Those origins may be hundreds, thousands, millions of years old.

It is tough job to to as you have to detach from an emotional reaction and reality (somewhat) to delve deep into the cosmic quantum soup, shit, you have to dive off the high diving board to get to the deep end of the universal pool. The issue is that so many are wading in this pool at the kiddie end, thinking that they are swimming the whole length of the pool....they are not.

They are bullshitting themselves and thus slowing down the progression of their own spiritual evolution. As many people are in their own niche lifestyles they often think that one skillset they may have is then the skillset of all that they encounter (a jack of all trades). Mine is 100% of this spiritual and metaphysical mumbo jumbo, I have indeed done some wild shit and seen jaw dropping shifts in reality occur because of my work with my past clients in Boston.

While I love to cook food for my wife, am I a chef? Nope.

While I love comedy and love to make people laugh, am I am comedian? Nope.

What I am is influenced by those 2 topics and have interest in them...but I know myself ( as you should know you) and know what my duty is on Earth before I turn into dust. A person will get chances in life to learn the truth about themselves and expand ( if they truly desire to) but people often miss the boat to do so as judgement and old energies inside always seek a target to point the finger at and assign inner judgement to so that a person will continue on the misguided path of spiritual comfort vs challenge and growth, the very path that will move their vibration higher and higher to the level of  "responsible".

I call these people " Slashies"....they often take credit for being "spiritual" but do so as a  "/" know, Guru/Pizza Maker, Wizard/Painter, etc. This is really sad to see because a person can learn so much in life if they simply recognize the self ( their own vibe) and if they seek spiritual knowledge, let the one who cosmically has that course set for them be the guide for the info they seek vs being a "slashie" and getting nowhere.

Can you unlock the why behind it all?  sure you can......but it takes a TON of responsibility.

It is like hiring a painter vs painting your house, sure you can do it yourself, but if looks a whole lot better if you leave to the professionals as they do know much more and have much better techniques. The Catch 22?.....part of the growth of a person is to see how they add to or negate problems on Earth. If you add to problems, then resolve them, if you negate them then continue to be willing to always morph your ability to do so, you are energy, so shift with the current required time frame energy field.

The above info holds a secret called "balance" and in accepting this truth, you have then in turn have just swam deeper into the pool of your own consciousness and may begin to understand the cosmic lesson contained in the post a tad bit better. If not, continue to just take, stagnate and swim in the shallow end of the pool till you are worm food.


Brian Collins "The Rabid Monk"