Greenwich energy

Not saying I float above it all, but............

Not saying I float above it all, but............


So I decided today to do another blog after being up all last night.

We had local tornado warnings flashing all over the place and our local news gave this statement to settle and relax a person " Just because it is dark, it doesn't mean that a tornado cannot strike at any time". Well okay, let me go off to snoozeville now, sure sounds like I will be able to plop a big puddle of drool on my pillow!

So I was up doing a few metaphysical things for a case of mine peeking up through my skylight off and on to see if I was going to be sucked up into OZ. So based upon the fact that I am writing this brain chatter, I didn't go into the tornado dimension and mash a witch with my falling house.

So what is today's blah blah about? Well, how about that special area in London I spoke of yesterday?

Insert That Special Area Info Here

If you have even been a full on dorky tourist in a new city, you know that some of the things you do/see are cheesefests: cheesy bus tours, cheesy silly local tourist trap haunted houses, cheesy tourist based shopping locations.

We decided to do a Thames river cruise as it came with the mutli pass tourist leash known as the London Pass  ( which actually is pretty great to have if you do to travel London). So we took a boat cruise down the Thames and ( here comes the spiritual lesson) and had the intent to only go a few stops.

But something else washed over that intent and we stayed on to go further to the end of the Thames cruise ( we had no plans to). What we found was a very cute area called Greenwich. Upon placing my foot down upon disembarking form the boat, the "oh shit, here we go" tingle started on my tongue and I knew that something was up with this place.

I then found out (I didnt know-ahhhh duh) Greenwich is the location of the prime meridian Now that may not mean jackfruit squat to you, but to me it means a lot to me. It is means it is where time on earth is created (sort of) and where 2 hemispheres meet....(below is for the Rush fans) .


Where 2 hemispheres meet

I then did whatever I do spiritually with my abilities ( of course I did) and soon found a special location at the special location that did not profess being anything special, but actually captured some of the unique energy of the location in a physical form.

You know, something that you look at and say " Nah, this guy/stuff cant be real"...ahhhh, not that I have ever personally have heard that before.

Anywho, my wife and I found something amaze balls and purchased it (them) immediately.

Now the wild thing about this whole unexpected journey?

I recently gave someone something very special to a friend/student of mine a unique item that I had from my past when I was in stages of energetic growth and evolution. I gave it to them to aid them along their own personal journey of ascension. I did so because the same force that guides me, guided me to do so. That same force then sent me to this location in London to have something for my next level ( I had no idea). Pass something to a new generation and get something in return, wow now that is called Synergy huh!

-That God sure knows a lot about the workings of the cosmos.

So if you are ever in London visit Greenwich , where eastern and western hemispheres meet...see what you find.


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk


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