The world of sameness, the world of new


So, what's up, how are you?

Me? WellI  just spent a week in London celebrating my 25th anniversary with my love partner in this life of cosmic wacky. We went all over, did all and of course wound up in wild areas that were key energy points that aid in shifting time and space ( just a "hobby" of mine).

Now before anyone says "Oh yes, I know where you went" me, you don't. When inspiration comes to me, it does so an a instant and often pulls me to locations that hold the current needed energies for this world. If I listen and choose to act on them, wild things can ( and do) happen.

I often feel surges of energy when I know I am on the correct track, it kinda feels like my whole body is a moving glass of crystal clear water and because I listened (this time), we wound up finding a wild place of power, but maybe I will save that for another blog post. 

Anywho, lets talk about our 25th.....

It was a great day in many ways, 1 -For the love I share with my wife, 2-For ability to reflect on the past quarter of a century of all we have done and 3- To see who actually gave a fuck.

I am a master of martial arts, a master of metaphysical practices and a teacher of enlightenment. Part of my instruction often involves showing a person themselves, showing them who they truly are through their own actions. People have a hard time with seeing themselves though as blame energy is so much easier to continue to produce than the energy of responsibility and awareness.

ie: "The I want the world to change, while I stay the same" misguided mentality

I was very surprised that people whom I have aided ignored our very special day and it showed me much about who I am. I am a caring, loving person, teacher and friend, but am not a push over or battery to simply serve and charge up people. Actions cause reaction and cosmic ripples and a person has to understand that concept to really understand life on Earth.

The time of bullshit enlightenment falsehoods have ended, it is new dawn.

The world is in turmoil and the energy of selfish behavior will only lead to further destructive scenarios. Me? I am not going kill myself any longer for the planet or people and will now ( after 25 years) simply work in conjunction with the energy that I see and experience on a horizon based method ( meaning I will observe the situation from a distance and make subtle shifts vs delving into eons of repetitive manifestations of reality ie: quantum entanglement and draining my life force as a result).

25 years has shown me all the miracles I have done prior and how I have been treated for giving endlessly to so many.....happy anniversary to me.





Anywho, a funny story.....

One thing we did in London was go to see Close Encounters ( with a live orchestra) at the Royal Albert Hall. Prior to going to London, I was out in Wyoming where I was doing a few little "things" for the current status of the world ( and also trying to discover a weird odd energy called "relaxation" which is so important for true kaulike in my life and forward global progression).

During a meditation near Lakota Matȟó Thípila in Wyoming, in my minds eye, I saw inside the Royal Albert hall and a man sitting next to me. He was freaking out and sad....very upset that he didn't find anything special at the swag stand.

The next day I was in a  small shop that had pins and bought one that contains true power of the Lakota Matȟó Thípila, really, no BS. I thought of this man that I saw in my meditation. So while in London at the show, who sat next to me? Yup, the man I saw in my mediation in Wyoming and yup, and yup, he was freaking out.

Did I bring the pin for him? No.

I felt bad at 1st but then realized that I always give special things away to people that truly dont value me or my gifts (something I saw on my anniversary), so I kept the pin at home before we left for London ( time and space on the astral plane doesn't exist).

The experience though was a lesson for me....I did value seeing him physically, because my vision was spot on and I am indeed who I claim to be.

Who is that you say?

Well, I claim to be.....


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk