Nuclear yin yang and obnoxious humans

How about that?

So I dont know about you, but what I often do is shift metaphysical time and space.

Did so for clients former in my Boston Back Bay practice for 24 years and now do so from time to time when I see fit to when the world goes to shit

Currently the world is in a fecal spin and really needs me to be me.

So off I went with my wife, blue tights and red cape in hand to the middle of nowhere South Dakota to go to a nuclear missile silo to feel the vibration of destruction. It took hours of driving to get to nowhereville and while I was there I "did my job" on the land, the vibe of the missile, the act of control/destruction and blindness of the usage of the term," winning a war".

I did my own metaphysical practices inward to adjust overall energies ( think real world quantum entanglement) and outward I used my comedic skills to shift the consciousness of those near me, kind of like Johnny Appleseed ( I help enlighten them and then they take that home that vibe with them and spread that new energy). FYI- Comedian Colin Quinn said about me : "If you like your zen teachings with a little bit of sarcasm and street, Brian Collins is the man!"— Comedian/Actor Colin Quinn NYC 

So while people where looking at this article of war ( there were about 7 other strangers there that made the journey) and showing signs of absolute fear and worry, I shifted the energy and begin to "do my act" and actually used the Government official to help me to do. Needless to say everyone was then laughing ( including the official) and the energy changed for all from fear to joy.

Okay, so that "job" was done and I had a couple of days to then walk around the middle of nowhere South Dakota and sit with nature and the cosmos.

The "fun" began upon the return flights coming back to Massachusetts........






So on the way back, we had a connecting flight to Chicago and while waiting I could just feel the waves anger off a group of people near us. Now before any PC police judge me for what I am about to say, I am simply doing so to paint the picture of what my wife and I experienced, so back off with any BS, okay?

A family of 7 was sitting near us, just complaining LOUDLY about everything.  The father was morbidly obese and very rude, demanding people ( the public, not his family)  to move items out of his way, yelling about everything and generally just being a real dick. I thought "Wow", I go to a nuclear silo to shift energy so these people can be rude to everyone they see??- Huh?

Anyway I will jump ahead to boarding. The rude man asked for additional time to board so he could go 1st and then took his whole family with him. Upon getting to our seats, guess what? He was sitting next to my wife and I ! Yippy!!! We had purchased extra room seats ( I am 6'4) and he was in the aisle of the 3 row seat we also had. I will say this delicately, he spilled over more then 1/2 into my wife's seat and his leg/thigh was rubbing/pushing against her leg after she sat down ( the second arm rest was lifted in order for him to fit). She looked at me with a look of "why us"?.

Now the funny thing?

His wife was right across from him in a row of seats that were open, with 2 extra seats next to her! Did he move when he saw that he was taken up 1/2 of my wife's seat? Nope. Why? Because his wife had her friend/ family member sneak up from the back of the plane to sit in the extra room seat with her without paying extra!

Ready? it gets better....

Just after the doors closed, the pilot informed the passengers that the air conditioning wouldn't be working until we achieved cruising height and the cabin began to heat up VERY quickly. So the man began to sweat profusely all over my wife...the American Airlines #americanairlines stewardess saw this and didnt offer to move/ help us in any way and simply looked away as if to say " I am not going get involved because the obese man is causing you discomfort and if I get involved he may sue the airline for some trumped up law suit from a scuzzy lawyer". So I moved to the seat behind him to give my wife some room ( she moved to the window seat) and stop him from dripping sweat all over her leg. Wait!!! it gets EVEN better, after the cabin was horribly hot, after he took up 1/2 of her seat, after the cabin crew didnt offer us any help, he then began to to drink screwdrivers when we reached cruising altitude!

What came after that ??? come on....ready?

HE BEGAN TO PASS GAS!! Really mexican taco esq smelling gas!

Can you believe this nightmare? It was an absolute hell of a flight without any help at all from American Airlines.

Now I will ask, do I (we) have rights as a customer?

Does my wife whose space was invaded upon have any rights?

There is a point where all people have to work together and I am indeed a peace maker, but why do people put blinders on when others are being abused? Look deeply at that lesson....The photo above was taken behind him from the seat I had to move to in order for my wife to not be rubbed against/farted on/sweated on and shows how he spilled into 2 seats. The guy was a jerk plain and simple and knew his size was causing an issue but didnt give a am I (we) not supposed to be offended? If I was being mugged should I ask about the muggers childhood upbringing?

No, I would use 40 years of my martial arts training and kick the shit of the mugger.




We had a another section next to us with 2 seats open, but the "tough guy" in the seat saw what we were going through and then " man spread" his legs ( see photo above)  to not only have the middle seat but block the 2 other open to avoid the tension of calling that butt monkey out on his assclown behavior , my wife and I dealt with the rude farting asshole the whole flight.

So I ask you what would you do?, how would you feel if this happened to you

Would you love, love, love this obese sweaty man pressing his body weight and against you while he farted for 2 hours?

Are we so PC in the world now that we cant even express discomfort when our personal space is invaded upon? 


Would you enjoy this American Airlines flight?

No, I didnt think you would.


Wow, travel to help the world have peace and get farted on for it.....hmmmm what a lesson.


Brian Collins The Rabid Monk